Return to Wonderland, Explore the Endless Magic of Dreaming and Refining Bones! (Breakthrough the Rebirth of Bones, Experience the Extraordinary Transformation of Dreaming and Refining Bones!)

Return to Wonderland, Explore the Endless Magic of Dreaming and Refining Bones!

Return to Wonderland, Explore the Endless Magic of Dreaming and Refining Bones! (Breakthrough the Rebirth of Bones, Experience the Extraordinary Transformation of Dreaming and Refining Bones!) The Fantasy Zhu Xian mobile game is based on the classic turn-based game “Fantasy Zhu Xian” and is adapted from the movie of the same name. This game is an MMORPG game in which players return to the Wonderland, and on the basis of the original plot, introduces many new content, among which the most anticipated is the Refining Bones system gameplay.

The launch of the Refining Bones system gives players more room for character growth and combat effectiveness, allowing players to quickly improve their character’s power, unlock pet skills, and more.

However, for many players, it may not be very clear how to break through the rebirth of bones and experience the extraordinary transformation of the “Fantasy Zhu Xian” Refining Bones system.

In fact, in order to break through the endless magic of the “Eye of the Death God,” players first need to have a mount. The quality of mounts is divided into five levels from low to high: white, green, blue, purple, and orange. The higher the level of the mount, the stronger the power and attributes. For some players who want to improve their power, they need to upgrade their mounts to higher quality in order to obtain more loot.

When improving the quality of mounts, players can choose to consume a certain amount of silver coins to upgrade the mount. After upgrading, the mount will have new appearance changes and the appearance of the mount will also change along with it!

In addition to mounts, equipment is also a very important part. The quality of equipment ranges from ordinary, fine, exquisite, superior, to epic. Rare equipment can be improved in attributes through refinement. For players who pursue the attributes of their equipment, they can turn their precious equipment into top-grade equipment.

In addition, the quality of equipment is also influenced by the player’s profession and gender. When the attributes of the equipment reach a certain value, additional attribute bonuses can be obtained through gem inlays. The higher the level of the gem, the more attribute bonuses it brings. Players can enhance their own combat power by embedding gems.

In addition to mounts, there are other types of spiritual beasts, and the ways to obtain these spiritual beasts are also relatively simple. For example, they can be obtained through exchanging gold coins obtained by completing tasks or purchasing spirit demon gift packs in the store. However, the qualifications of these spiritual beasts are not particularly outstanding, so players still need to work hard to improve their combat power.

Break through the Rebirth of Bones, Experience the Extraordinary Transformation of Dreaming and Refining Bones!

Since the launch of the Fantasy Zhu Xian mobile game, it has received unanimous praise from players. In the game, character attributes are the most important part. The growth of character attributes directly affects the improvement of character power and promotion, so the high or low level of character attributes determines the level of character power. The growth of player character attributes is also a crucial part of the game. And the Refining Bones system in the game is one of the important parts. The Refining Bones system is the main way for players to obtain various top-quality equipment in the game. Today, let’s introduce to you the journey of breaking through the rebirth of bones in the “Fantasy Zhu Xian” Refining Bones system.

Break through the rebirth of bones, experience the extraordinary transformation of “Fantasy Zhu Xian”, let you never feel lost!

In the “Fantasy Zhu Xian” mobile game, if you want to achieve Refining Bones, you first need to have a spiritual beast pet. When you raise your pet to level 70, you can click on the “化生” in the “灵宠” page to enter the “化生” page. In the “化生” interface, you can choose the pet you need for Refining Bones. The premise of Refining Bones is that you must have a sufficient spiritual beast pet. Refining Bones requires a large amount of silver coins, and these silver coins can be obtained through task rewards and purchases from the store. The spiritual beast created through Refining Bones will fight alongside the owner and also have some special skills.

Refining Bones spiritual beasts are divided into different types based on their race, sect, and other characteristics, such as the Human Tribe Butterfly, the Demon Tribe Ghost Lord, and the Divine Beast Bi Yao. These spiritual beasts have different qualities, levels, and aptitudes, but their growth values are the same. Therefore, if players are not satisfied with their spiritual beasts, they can choose to sell them to the store or use Bone Refining Pills to reset the growth values. The aptitude and growth values of spiritual beasts will affect various values of pets. The higher the growth, the stronger the aptitude of the pets, and they will also have more skills and special abilities. Therefore, when choosing a spiritual beast, players can choose different types of Refining Bones according to their needs and personal preferences.

In addition to Refining Bones, players can also advance their spiritual beasts. After advancement, the spiritual beasts will have more powerful abilities and can learn more skills. The skills of spiritual beasts not only have powerful attack damage but also have unique skill effects, which can greatly enhance the combat effectiveness of pets!

In the world of “Fantasy Zhu Xian”, if you want to grow quickly, the Refining Bones system is the best choice. The appearance of the Refining Bones system greatly improves the growth of character attributes. Players can enhance the skills and cultivation methods of spiritual beasts through “Spirit Stones”, so that they can better perform in battles. At the same time, the Refining Bones system also provides characters with the ability to recover spiritual energy. When the experience value of the spiritual beast accumulates to a certain level, it will automatically enter the “leveling up” state. In the state of leveling up, players can use Spirit Infusion Talismans to infuse the character’s soul, thereby increasing the character’s experience and spirituality.

“Fantasy Zhu Xian” is an MMORPG mobile game created by Perfect World, dedicated to presenting users with an authentic 3D turn-based MMORPG online game world, reproducing classic game content in the most real and fun way, so that every user can find their own joy here.

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