The Secrets of Black Serpent Key Skills Revealed (Mastering Key Operations in Black Serpent Flow)

The Secrets of Black Serpent Key Skills Revealed (Mastering Key Operations in B

The Secrets of Black Serpent Key Skills Revealed (Mastering Key Operations in Black Serpent Flow) Many friends may not be familiar with this aspect, so let me introduce the key skills of Black Serpent Flow and reveal its secrets (Mastering Key Operations in Black Serpent Mortician Flow). Interested friends can learn more about it.

The skill characteristics of Black Serpent Flow are very comprehensive, with various positions such as control, output, and survival. In battles, each hero can switch flexibly and has their own unique combo style and routines. The timing and positioning of skill releases also test players’ proficiency, so it is very important to pay attention to the skills and practice more! Today, let’s take a look at how Black Serpent Flow should use skills to deal high damage.

1. Basic Skills

First Skill: Dark Ball – Releases an energy ball towards the target area, which explodes and deals a large area damage when it detonates.

Second Skill: Magic Bubble – Summons an enchanted bubble that lasts for 4 seconds. The bubble explodes upon collision with enemy units or enemy buildings, causing magic damage and stunning all enemy units within the area.

Third Skill: Black Hole Absorption – Absorbs the souls of enemies and drains their health.

Fourth Skill: Dark Shockwave – Releases black mist, dealing damage and fear to enemies hit by it.

2. Core Skills

First Skill: Holy Gunshot – Releases a holy light arrow towards the target area, dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit.

Second Skill: Divine Sword Punishment – Shoots out the Divine Sword of Punishment towards the target area, dealing damage to all enemies hit and briefly putting them into a sleep state. Then charges forward and attacks enemies in a straight line in front.

Third Skill: Hammer of Judgment – Throws a giant divine weapon towards the enemy hero, piercing through their armor and increasing the physical damage they receive.

Fourth Skill: Chaotic Bombardment – Launches several explosive barrels that track the target, dealing damage within the area.

Fifth Skill: Punishing Strike – Launches a tracking dagger towards the enemy hero, knocking back surrounding enemies and dealing a large amount of magic damage.

Mastering Key Operations in Black Serpent Flow

Today, I will introduce the gameplay of Black Serpent Flow. In order to master this game, we need to understand its operation. Let’s take a look together.

Black Serpent

Operation: Arrow Keys + A + E

Attack Target: Ranged

Recommended Rating: 4.5 stars, Beginner Difficulty: Easy, Simple Operation. Suitable for novice players to try and experience.

Operation Tips:

1. First of all, we need to understand how Black Serpent locates enemy heroes. In other words, Black Serpent can move while using skills, so we need to be careful not to let the enemy get close to us in the game.

2. When attacking, if the enemy hero has a red mark above their head, we need to use our regular keys to move and adjust the release position of our skills according to different situations. This way, we can maximize our damage!

3. We need to find a suitable position to attack. Due to the high damage of Black Serpent, we need to pay attention to our own position when attacking.

4. Finally, try not to use skills in the game, as we are very likely to be hit by enemy units. Instead, we should use these skills to counterattack and secure our victory.

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