Solving the Mystery of the Coral Reef Across the Continent (The End of the Trace Dog Warrior’s Final Mission)

Traveling across the continent to solve the mystery of the coral reef (the end

Traveling across the continent to solve the mystery of the coral reef (the end of the Trace Dog Warrior’s final mission), many friends may not be familiar with this. Next, the editor will introduce the solution to the mystery of the coral reef across the continent (the end of the Trace Dog Warrior’s final mission). Interested friends can come and learn about it.

First, let’s talk about the plot, which is about the secret of the underwater world. Actually, there is a clue in the story, but this clue is wrong, because the secret of the underwater world is a letter “W.”

Then, in the final map, you can see a red crystal. After clicking on it, a snake will appear. At this time, a green light ball will appear, and after clicking on it, you can open the next map, which is “Underwater.” There is a hidden level inside, which is a “M”-shaped secret room.

Inside, you will see a box. On the right side of this box, there is a blue suitcase. Open this suitcase and you will get a key, and then players can open this box, which is the secret passage we mentioned before.

Then, when entering this room, players will see that the door is locked and needs to be unlocked. Then, you can see the letters “O”, “G”, “T”, “I” written on it, so players need to know the password. If players do not know the password, they can enter numbers like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 below.

Then players can find a golden door above and enter this door, and then they can open the treasure chest.

In addition, players can find a secret compartment here.

At this time, players can click on the secret compartment, and then they can open the treasure chest and get a key.

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The End of the Trace Dog Warrior’s Final Mission

Trace Dog Warrior is a domestically developed pixel-style shooting game with a story background set in World War II. Players will play as a team that travels back to the time of World War II and embarks on a journey to find the truth and save the world in order to escape from war!

“Final Mission” is an action-adventure mobile game that is relatively simple to operate. As long as players avoid or dodge attacks during the control process, they can successfully complete missions.

After entering the game, players will come to a place called “Iron Fist,” where they will encounter many enemies. The enemy that players will face is a cute and adorable pet – a cat.

The cat has a pair of huge wings, a very high weight, and can use various weapons to fight. When players get close, the cat will launch attacks to cause damage and summon little monsters to attack players.

Players need to use the cat’s skills to attack enemies. When the cat’s health drops to zero, the countdown to death will begin.

During the last minute of the death countdown, a boss will appear in the game, and players must quickly deal with this powerful enemy.

After defeating the boss, players can achieve victory, but after successfully completing the level, players can also receive rewards.

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