cf Jasmine M4A1 series: unlock new battle mode! (cf Jasmine M4A1 series: explore the best weapon configuration skills!)

cf Jasmine M4A1 series: unlock new battle mode! (cf Jasmine M4A1 series: explor

cf Jasmine M4A1 series: unlock new battle mode! (cf Jasmine M4A1 series: explore the best weapon configuration skills!) In the game CrossFire, the Jasmine M4A1 series is a recently launched new weapon and performs very well in the game. Let’s introduce some of the characteristics and configuration skills of this new gun.

First, let’s take a look at the characteristics of the cf Jasmine M4A1 series weapons. In this series, Jasmine is one of the few rifles with full auto mode, so we can use this feature to combine “spraying” and “single shots” and use the attributes of “quick battle” and “quick decision” to help us easily achieve victory in practical combat. Therefore, in the game, we can try to achieve “quick kills” and “one shot, one kill”.

When using these three modes, the first thing we need to learn is the operation of quick reloading. Generally, we click the left button for single shots and right-click to aim and shoot. If you find this method difficult to master, you can choose this operation.

Next, we need to understand how to “quickly switch” in practical combat. In practical combat, it is usually adjusted by micro-adjusting with the left and right hands, so we can adjust the position of the crosshair according to our own habits.

Finally, in practical combat, we can also use this small detail, for example, we can choose to guard behind a wall and use it to avoid enemy sniper damage.

In summary, this is the usage of these three characteristics in practical combat.

cf Jasmine M4A1 series: explore the best weapon configuration skills!

In CrossFire, the M4A1 series has always been the favorite weapon of players. Its excellent attributes and powerful firepower make many players love it. Today, I will share with you the best configuration skills of the Jasmine M4A1 series weapons. I hope it will be helpful to you!

The m4a1-exploration in the M4A1 series is a very popular gun in the game, with excellent performance, making it favored by many players. The M4A1-exploration in the game has good stability and accuracy, which is different from other M4 family members. Because the m4a1-exploration is an improved version of the M16A3, this weapon has very high stability in the game. What we need to understand in the game is its shooting mode, and its accuracy in the game is very high. Therefore, we need to choose a suitable firearm for ourselves to fight.

The M4A1-exploration in the M4A1 series has strong power and stability, and its stability and damage are also very good. One thing we need to pay attention to when using the M4A1-exploration is to pay attention to controlling the spray. Because the stability of the M4A1-exploration in the game is relatively low, we need to control the spray to better fight.

In the practical combat of M4A1-exploration, we need to make good use of the obstacles on the map. In the small cabin, we can find a box where we can see a bomb box. We can directly destroy this bomb box by killing enemies. On the wall of the small cabin, there is a flashing device, and we can use this flashing device to defeat enemies.

In the game, we need to pay attention to positioning. If we have poor positioning, we may be killed!

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