Instant Blast! How snipers use the art of light (Silent Killer! Breaking the rules of sniper victory)

Instant Blast! How snipers use the art of light (Silent Killer! Breaking the ru

Instant Blast! How snipers use the art of light (Silent Killer! Breaking the rules of sniper victory) How does a sniper use the art of light in one round? I believe many players are not very clear about this. Next, I will introduce to you how snipers can use the art of light to break the rules of victory. Interested players can learn more about it.

1. “The Sniper I Happen to Be” Battle Strategy

1. First, we need to learn how to use the “Instant Shot” skill. This skill requires players to first aim at the enemy with a sniper rifle, and then switch to “Instant Movement”. This action is to attack under the enemy’s body. If the player’s field of view is large enough, they can also directly kill the enemy.

2. Then, we need to learn how to use the “Piercing Arrow”, “Rapid Fire”, and “Flash Step” skills in combat. These three skills can cause terrible damage to the enemy, and they are all single-target damage skills. Therefore, when playing the game, it is best to use the “Piercing Arrow” skill to attack the enemy first, and then use the “Rapid Fire” attack effect. This will make it easier for players to defeat their targets.

3. Finally, we need to learn how to use the “Phantom Steps” skill. During the battle, players can use this skill to eliminate enemy heroes. However, it is important to note that after eliminating them, players must interrupt the cooldown of Phantom Steps, otherwise they will not be able to continue the battle.

2. “Creative Use of the Art of Light (Silent Killer!)” Game Tips

First of all, during the game, if we find the enemy in the distance or if we are discovered by the enemy, we can choose to use the “Instant Shot” skill.

When the enemy is at the same height as you, we can release the “Illusion Mark” in front of the enemy. At this point, the enemy will notice our trace. We can use the illusion mark to lock the enemy’s location. When the enemy sees the “Illusion Mark”, we can directly use the “Instant Shot” skill to kill them.

The above are the “clever tricks” mentioned in the text strategy. If we use the “Piercing Arrow” skill, we can use its super high shooting speed to shoot from a long distance. If we use the “Phantom Displacement” skill, we can shuttle back and forth between the enemy and ourselves with the displacement effect of the skill, thereby achieving the effect of quickly defeating the enemy.

3. “I Also Happen to Be a Sniper”, on the battlefield, we can achieve results through various means. However, it is important to note that the combat methods in the game are the same as in real life. In this case, we need to constantly search for the enemy’s position. During the game, we can use different weapons and items to fight against the enemy. Of course, on the battlefield, players need to constantly improve their level in order to pass the levels better.

Silent Killer! Breaking the Rules of Sniper Victory

Sniper rifles are weapons that every player loves to use, and today, I will introduce the sniper of the silent killer in the game.

As a qualified sniper, the most important thing is to have sufficient shooting speed and accuracy. Without a suppressor, it is difficult for a sniper rifle to exert its power.

However, one thing to note is that if you want to improve your hit rate, you need to constantly improve your stealth ability and avoid being suddenly killed in long-distance confrontations with enemies.

So let us now understand the conventional shooting methods of snipers!

[Aiming Mode]

1. First, we need to determine that the sniper rifle we are using is in single-fire mode, so we need to aim at the target in advance and then activate the scope to ensure precise shots.

2. There are two ways to activate the scope, one is to fire from the left side, and the other is to fire from the right side.

3. The firing method is actually very simple. First, when firing, hold down the shooting button and then move left and right while shooting, so that you can achieve multiple kills with one shot!

Of course, the aiming mode is not arbitrary, because the recoil of the firearm during firing is very strong. If the player’s predictive level is not high enough, it will be difficult to fire.

[Auto Lock Mode]: As the name suggests, it is to lock by clicking the screen. This method is also a very convenient and quick way. When you see a target, release the sniper key immediately, and it will automatically lock, thus increasing the hit rate. However, it is also easy to expose your position or be counter-killed, so remember to timely activate the auto lock, otherwise it is easy to be killed by the enemy.

[Assisted Aim Function]: The assisted aim function mainly allows the scope to automatically find suitable targets and fire. However, the assisted aim function needs the player’s equipment level to reach a certain requirement to unlock.

[Hip-fire Function]: This function can be understood as hip-fire in a crouching posture, which is suitable for close-quarters combat. However, when facing enemies at a distance, you need to use this function!

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