Dota Legends Eternal Dream, Feel the Protection of the Holy Spirit, Use this Hero’s Ultimate Move for High Scores! (Revealing the Secrets of Holy Spirit’s Protection Techniques, Let this Hero Help You Get High Scores on Bosses!)

Dota Legends Eternal Dream, feel the protection of the Holy Spirit, use this he

Dota Legends Eternal Dream, feel the protection of the Holy Spirit, use this hero’s ultimate move for high scores! (Revealing the secrets of Holy Spirit’s protection techniques, let this hero help you get high scores on bosses!) Many of us have been playing Dota Legends Eternal Dream for a long time. But when it comes to this dungeon, I can only say: Honestly, this dungeon is quite challenging! Although the rewards of this dungeon are quite good, the difficulty is too high for some newcomers.

Today, I’m here to teach friends how to experience the ultimate gameplay in this game using this hero.

First, let’s take a look at my own gameplay and video of using this hero:

1. Raccoon: As a backline DPS, Raccoon can effectively deal damage and stun the enemy!

2. Troll: The boss in this dungeon is quite tough, and Raccoon’s ultimate can interrupt, but we can use Deer to replace Troll. Troll’s ultimate also has damage bonus, which can help the team deal more damage!

3. Wraith King/Omniknight: Wraith King can also work, but the effect is not significant. Wraith King can provide shields to the whole team and increase their attack power!

4. Bone Bow/Monkey: Slark is also viable, but in this dungeon, Bone Bow’s skills don’t have damage bonus. However, we can use Bone Bow’s Phantom Strike skill to maximize its output!

5. Witch Doctor: The boss in this dungeon requires attention. We can use Witch Doctor’s summons to attack the boss, and their armor reduction and silence skills from Lich and Enchantress can protect us well!

6. Warlock: Both Faceless Void and Warlock can work against this boss, but Warlock’s ultimate is an AOE skill. If Faceless Void’s illusion is imprisoned, we can directly release the skill to interrupt him!

7. Juggernaut: Juggernaut is actually a good choice!

8. Vengeful Spirit: Vengeful Spirit is also a good choice for this boss!

9. Skywrath Mage: Actually, this boss is also a good choice!

10. Brewmaster/Death Prophet/Dragon Knight/Sniper/Azure Dragon: The small levels in this dungeon all have damage bonuses!

These are the strategies for the updated Dota Legends Eternal Dream mobile game. Hope they can help everyone!

Revealing the Secrets of Holy Spirit’s Protection Techniques, Let this Hero Help You Get High Scores on Bosses!

“Holy Spirit’s Guard” is a multiplayer online 3D magical tower defense mobile game set in a Western fantasy world. In the game, players need to control different heroes to stop powerful enemies. The dungeon challenge mode in the game is also one of the favorite gameplay modes for many players. Today, I will share some tips and tricks with you!

Firstly, in the dungeon, you will encounter many minions. These minions have low attack power but high health and defense! So, be sure to avoid their attacks when doing dungeons. When you are killed by the minions, you will receive rewards, experience, and some gold coins!

Secondly, the maturity time of the crops is also very long, so pay attention to the situation of the little animals in the dungeon. If there are many little animals, they will attack you. If there aren’t many, you can choose some recovery items, such as resurrection potions or healing potions, etc.

Finally, when fighting bosses, we need to pay attention to the use of hero skills and match the lineup according to the hero’s characteristics. For example, if the hero is a warrior type, it is best to bring another warrior hero. If the hero is a mage type, you can use control skills such as freezing and stunning to restrict the boss.

In addition to these tips, there are many small secrets in the game that you need to explore on your own. For example, if you encounter a tough boss, you can choose to control heroes like Frost Witch, Berserker, or Fire Elemental King. If you encounter a boss that is too powerful, you can choose to use control-type heroes.

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