Master the skills of Nita, the Bear Girl, and become a hunting expert in Brawl Stars! (Annie: Use her flame power to create a new strategic gameplay!)

Master the skills of Nita, the Bear Girl, and become a hunting expert in Brawl

Master the skills of Nita, the Bear Girl, and become a hunting expert in Brawl Stars! (Annie: Use her flame power to create a new strategic gameplay!) There are many gameplay options in “Brawl Stars,” and for beginners, how to master these skills and become a hunting expert in competitive games? Today, let me introduce Annie to you!


In the game, Annie is a very aggressive character with strong destructive power. Her attack and defense abilities are outstanding, and she also has a super long-range consuming skill, which allows her to deal with enemies easily. Her health and attack power are not low either, but she has three active skills. One active skill can give herself a shield, and the other active skill is to summon a big bear to fight, which is similar to the active skill of “Star Guardian.”

When releasing the active skill, Annie can use three different skills to attack the enemy. The first skill is to summon a bear, which will continuously approach the enemy’s body and then explode. If there are no other enemy targets around the bear, it will automatically attack nearby enemies. The second skill is to launch a bomb forward, which will throw all enemies within range into the air.

The third skill is to throw a poison ring, which will continuously cause damage for a period of time. When laning, Annie can constantly pose a threat to the opponent’s formation. At the same time, in confrontations, Annie can also use her high mobility to evade enemies.

As a ranged shooter hero, Annie’s attack method mainly includes long-range consumption and melee consumption. Her passive ability can increase attack speed and movement speed in a short period of time. Her skills can slow down enemies and use her high mobility to dodge enemy chase during hero battles. When the enemy’s health is lower than half, Annie can summon a small bear to attack enemies within range.

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Annie: Use her flame power to create a new strategic gameplay!

Annie’s positioning is a mage, so her performance in the game cannot be considered dominant. Although her damage is high, she lacks mobility, so players need to have good manipulation skills to fully utilize her advantages. Therefore, during battles, it is best to choose a clever position and ensure one’s own safety.

Annie’s flame power can cause burning damage to enemies while attacking. When the enemy is within Annie’s attack range, Annie can use her skills to burn the enemy into ashes. This greatly enhances Annie’s output ability.

When facing aggressive heroes and control heroes, Annie can choose to use her high burst damage to consume them. If there are more mage heroes on the enemy team or if Annie is at a disadvantage, she can use her positioning skills to avoid the chasing of these aggressive heroes and quickly move behind the enemy using her high mobility.

Annie’s positioning in battles is still relatively awkward because her magic damage is not high, making it easy to be targeted and countered. However, Annie’s survivability is not low, so in order to play her well, you must grasp the initiative!

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