Tangmen Heart Method: The New Techniques of Laughing Arrogantly in the Jianghu! (Jianghu Arrogant Laugh: Revealing the Exclusive System of Tangmen Heart Method!)

Tangmen Heart Method: The New Techniques of Laughing Arrogantly in the Jianghu!

Tangmen Heart Method: The New Techniques of Laughing Arrogantly in the Jianghu! (Jianghu Arrogant Laugh: Revealing the Exclusive System of Tangmen Heart Method!) As a 3D martial arts mobile game authorized by Jin Yong, “Tangmen Heart Method” has been loved and pursued by players since its launch. However, most players are still unfamiliar with the game’s combat system. In this article, we will introduce some tips and tricks in the combat of “Tangmen Heart Method – Jianghu Arrogant”, hoping to provide some help.

【Combo Skills】

Combo is one of the core combat gameplay in “Tangmen Heart Method – Jianghu Arrogant” and is also the biggest feature of “Tangmen Heart Method”. The combo in “Tangmen Heart Method” is a continuous skill combo of Tangmen disciples, achieving a continuous effect by continuously attacking enemies. In the battle, players can use the cooperation between characters, positioning, and other methods to achieve rapid and multi-hit damage operations. In addition, Tang Jia San Shao’s unique “Dual Sword Combination” system can greatly enhance Tang Jia’s burst damage, as well as skills such as “Continuous Slashes”, “Broken Army Formation”, and “Wolf Howl”. These moves have different characteristics, and players can freely choose according to their preferences.

【Combo Operations】

The combo skill in “Tangmen Heart Method – Jianghu Arrogant” is a major feature of the game. When using this skill, not only can it cause continuous damage to the enemy, but it can also add debuffs to the target. In addition, when using this skill, players can deal high damage to a single target and also immobilize the target. At the same time, all enemies around the player can be immobilized when using this skill. Therefore, when using skills, try to choose the distance to release them against enemies, so as to have faster speed and higher hit rate in battles.

Above are some tips and tricks in combat in the game “Tangmen Heart Method – Jianghu Arrogant”! Are you already eager to experience the battle? Then go to the game and experience it now!

Jianghu Arrogant Laugh: Revealing the Exclusive System of Tangmen Heart Method!

In “Jianghu Arrogant”, Tangmen is the only female profession with strong burst and control abilities in skills. The Tangmen Heart Method system can provide players with high attribute bonuses. Today, we will introduce in detail the Tangmen Heart Method system so that everyone can have a further understanding of this profession.

【Tang Family Blade Technique】

Tang Family’s martial arts techniques focus on physical attacks, so the weapon Tangmen is good at using is a large blade. With the fighting style of killing enemies with one strike, they make the enemies tremble at the mention!

【Tang Family Sword Technique】

The sword technique of Tangmen disciples emphasizes winning with unexpected moves. Often, one move can be soul-stirring and make it difficult for people to defend against. Therefore, the design of the Tangmen Heart Method also follows this principle. Firstly, the Tangmen Heart Method is designed to increase attack power, so the increase in attack power for Tangmen will be more obvious than defense. Secondly, the Tangmen disciples’ Heart Method is set to increase critical damage. Therefore, the stronger the attack power of Tangmen, the more critical damage they will cause in battles!

【Nine Yang Divine Palm】

Nine Yang Divine Palm is a martial arts routine established in the Tang Dynasty and one of the most mysterious sects among the three major sects of the Tang Dynasty because the Nine Yang Divine Palm is practiced within this sect. The Nine Yin Divine Palm is divided into two levels, each consisting of three volumes of Eight Trigrams. Each volume contains immense power, so when using the Nine Yang Divine Palm, it can generate tremendous power, and even turn the tide of the battle.

In battles, Tangmen disciples will choose different Heart Methods based on their own Five Elements attributes, and each Heart Method is unique.

【Heavenly Demon Disintegration】

Heavenly Demon Skeleton is one of the most fierce evil beasts in the world, possessing astonishing destructive power and the ability to instantly destroy all opponents. Therefore, this secret book is called “Bisection”. When used, it will consume all the energy of the Nine Yang Divine Palm, making it impossible for you to use other skills.

Heavenly Demon Manor is located in the southern region, to the west of Dongling City. Due to the prevalence of the Nine Yin Xuan Qi, the Nine Yang Divine Palm inside Heavenly Demon’s body is also a very important existence. Once mastered, it can control everything and kill opponents!

Heavenly Demon Hut is located in the Central Plains in the late Northern Song Dynasty and is a place where countless children live. However, due to its ancient origins, only a dozen or so children can enter it…

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