Perfect Super Mario High Score Strategy Revealed (Creative Super Mario New Level Strategy Guide)

Perfect Super Mario High Score Strategy Revealed (Creative Super Mario New Level

Perfect Super Mario High Score Strategy Revealed (Creative Super Mario New Level Strategy Guide), I believe many buddies are not very clear about this, so let me introduce the perfect Super Mario high score strategy guide (creative Super Mario new level strategy guide). Interested buddies can come and learn about it.

1. Gameplay Introduction

In this game, players play as a magical creature from outer space – Super Sonic Mario, collecting blocks of different colors, types and shapes to eliminate them.

In this level, the player needs to control their character to move in the air and eliminate various obstacles.

At the beginning of the game, we need to control the left and right directions of our character to move. When a green ball appears above Mario, we need to manipulate the character to step on it.

When you step on the green ball, an animation will be triggered, and at this time, click on Mario to pass the level smoothly.

2. Score Requirements

There are four levels of score requirements in the game:

1. Collect the number of coins

2. Collect the number of black blocks

3. Collect the number of yellow blocks

4. Step on the white button and make it fall

There are eight levels in total, each with different difficulty requirements, so players need to complete the level challenges according to the requirements.

3. Clearance Techniques

1. Before entering the game, players can choose to embed a magic stone for Mario. If you don’t have one, you can let the default Mario step on the green block first.

2. After stepping on the green block, players can click on the blue button on the screen to start eliminating, which will give you a high score~

Creative Super Mario New Level Strategy Guide

The new action adventure mobile game “Super Mario” developed by the “Super Mario” team recently received a new update. In addition to adding levels, the game also added many new contents. For example, new level maps, newly added magic arrays and various traps, as well as new monsters, allow players to fully enjoy this challenging and fun new world!

In the early stages of the game, players may encounter a situation where they encounter a giant horse zombie. They will attack you as they advance, and you need to use flames to make them fall; if you unfortunately get hit by an arrow, you will have to start over.

In this level, we need to use our wisdom to pass through all obstacles and traps with the least speed, and eliminate them to pass the level! And with the unlocking of each trap and mechanism, we can also get more coins at the bottom of the level!

“Super Mario” (Mr.o.s.) is a very beautiful puzzle mobile game. This game has a cute and adorable pet as the protagonist and adopts a Q version art style. In the game, players will control a little girl to help her mother smash enemies and get rewards. In the levels, there are also many other props, including increasing energy value and reducing pipe cooling time, as long as you master these, you can smoothly pass the level!

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