Guide to Lottery in “Everyday Cool Run Icebound Wolf King”, How to Improve the Success Rate of Lottery? (Don’t Be Hasty, Master the Lottery Method in “Everyday Cool Run Icebound Wolf King”!)

In \”Everyday Cool Run Icebound Wolf King\”, the probability of winning the lotter

In “Everyday Cool Run Icebound Wolf King”, the probability of winning the lottery is very high, but it is not easy to win it. After multiple attempts, the editor found that if there are two consecutive lottery failures, congratulations, you have won something good!

How to increase the lottery probability of “Everyday Cool Run Icebound Wolf King”:

First, you need to know if you have used the points lottery.

If you have already used the points lottery, then there will be no problem of lottery failure, so it is better not to participate in the lottery anymore.

Tips for Icebound Wolf King Lottery:

1. Draw at the hour.

2. Draw 10 minutes after the hour.

3. Summon a pet mount to enter the game.

4. Click to draw.

5. If the draw is for a moon pet, don’t participate.

6. Wait for the star-shaped blocks to appear.

7. Choose the right time to draw a pet.

8. Don’t participate in the lottery as soon as you enter the game.

9. Choose the pet you want to use and appear frequently.

10. It is best to draw continuously, but only if you have drawn more than two times.

Above are the methods shared by the editor for how to improve the lottery probability of Icebound Wolf King in “Everyday Cool Run”! Hope it can help you all!

Don’t Be Hasty, Master the Lottery Method in “Everyday Cool Run Icebound Wolf King”!

“Everyday Cool Run” Icebound Wolf King is a new mount introduced in the latest version. Players can obtain it by purchasing with diamonds or by lottery. So, how can you win the Icebound Wolf King? Let me introduce it to you. Let’s take a look together!

Method to Obtain Icebound Wolf King:

1. First, you must purchase points to participate in the lottery.

2. When doing the points lottery, it is best to choose the hour of the day, and it is better to do it between 10 AM and 8 PM.

3. Another time period for lottery is generally between 9 PM and 11 PM, which has the highest probability!

Above are the tips on “how to use items to win”. If players have other methods to obtain the Icebound Wolf King, feel free to share with us!

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