Analysis of Shooting Skills in Tian Long Ba Bu: Breaking the Limits of Shooting System in Tian Long Ba Bu

Tian Long Ba Bu is a popular mobile game, and the shooting system is the most c

Tian Long Ba Bu is a popular mobile game, and the shooting system is the most commonly used skill by players. So how do you play the shooting system in the game? Let’s take a look together!

There are three types of shooting techniques:

1. Soloing Bosses: In solo battles, players need to understand their profession’s strengths and weaknesses. Long-range professions are more vulnerable and easily targeted for kills. Players need to be aware of their positioning and movement in order to maintain their safety.

2. Team PvP: In team battles, players need to strike a balance between protecting the damage dealers and maintaining high HP. Coordinating with teammates and having a Healer in the group can ensure that the player’s HP doesn’t fall too far behind.

3. PvP Bosses: In boss battles, players need to pay attention to their own HP. When low on HP, it becomes difficult to output damage. Therefore, it is recommended to use control skills such as freezing to maximize the control effect in team battles.

These are the strategies for breaking the limits of the shooting system in Tian Long Ba Bu.

How to Break the Limits of the Shooting System in Tian Long Ba Bu

Tian Long Ba Bu is a fun role-playing game with various gameplay options. The shooting system is an important part of the game, and it is often overlooked by players. However, with skilled gameplay, the shooting system can be highly favored. Understanding the shooting range of the Marksman is crucial, as they have the furthest attack distance among all professions. The shooting system’s breakthrough becomes necessary during mid-to-late game, allowing the Marksman to have higher combat effectiveness. Enhancing equipment and aiming for the highest shooting level is vital to stay on par with other professions. Therefore, the shooting system is crucial for players in the game.

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