Tianlong Bayu Mobile Game Kujue Zhuge Liang Topic, Wisdom Determines 95! (Breaking the Sealed Question Bank, Playing the Kujue Exam in a New Perspective!)

In the world of \”Tianlong Bayu Mobile Game\”, besides many experienced and skill

In the world of “Tianlong Bayu Mobile Game”, besides many experienced and skilled players, there are also some new players who may not know how to participate in the Kujue activity! Today, I will share with you the breaking the sealed question bank, let’s take a look together.

Breaking the Sealed Question Bank:

[Introduction to Gameplay]

In the game, players who reach level 25 can go to NPC Li Shimin in Suzhou to sign up. The Kujue activity is available from 10:00 to 20:00 daily, and the question answering activity starts from Sunday 00:00 to Friday.

After entering the question answering page, players will be matched according to the server they are in. Within 20 seconds after the matching is completed, you need to answer 15 questions to pass! Each player can only participate in the question answering activity once per day.

During the activity period, from 19:00 to 21:00 every night, each player can participate in the Kujue activity once. The Kujue question answering activity is divided into three stages: preparation stage, re-exam stage, and final test.

[Gameplay Analysis]

In the preparation stage, players can choose to enter the preparatory exam stage. The preparatory exam has three different difficulties: primary, intermediate, and advanced, each requiring about 30 questions to be answered. After entering the preliminary exam stage, starting at 18:00, Saturday night, players can open the question answering entrance on the main interface and click to enter the preparation part. In the preparation part, players can freely choose the answers to fill in. Before starting the actual question answering, you can view the correct and incorrect answers in the current selected options. After choosing the correct answer, you can submit it to proceed to the next part of the question.

After entering the re-exam stage, the question answering activity will start at 20:00 on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday nights and lasts for 7 minutes. During the activity period, players can answer 10 questions each time. The more questions answered correctly, the more abundant rewards you will receive.

[Answering Rules]

In the re-exam stage, players need to complete 20 preparatory exams. Each round of question answering lasts for 90 seconds. If you encounter any questions during the process, the system will automatically record the situation of answering the questions correctly. Players can find the answers they want by using the system’s “Task-Query Answers” function. Wrong answers will deduct your chances, but you won’t be deducted any chances for wrong answers. The scoring will be based on the correct answer rate. When players answer 10 questions correctly, they will receive a certain amount of points as ranking. Players with higher points will rank higher. If players answer incorrectly more than 10 questions, their points will be deducted!


The question answering activity in the preparation exam stage has caused headaches for many novice players because it is very simple. As long as players follow the prompts from the system and choose the corresponding options, they can pass the exam. If you encounter any difficult questions, you can also directly jump to the activity panel. As long as players answer all the questions correctly, they will receive corresponding point rewards. The higher the points, the more items you can exchange for.

In the question answering activity, there are two types of activities: question answering and challenge-type question answering. In the question answering activity, you can raise your own questions separately or challenge them as a team. In the challenge-type question answering activity, you can initiate it alone or join in with a full team, but players in a team cannot participate together. In the challenge-type question answering activity, you can participate alone or as a team, but if you join the team, the system will give separate rankings and rewards.

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