Dragon Raja Mobile Game: Guild Drinking Game, Exploring the Secrets of the Martial Arts World (Dragon Raja Mobile Game Quizzer Web Version, Challenge of Wisdom and Courage)

In the game \”Dragon Raja Mobile\”, players can participate in the Guild Drinking

In the game “Dragon Raja Mobile”, players can participate in the Guild Drinking Game activity after reaching level 20. In the Guild Drinking Game, players can obtain various rewards, including experience points and silver. In addition, there is also a mini-game in the Guild Drinking Game that requires players to team up to complete. After successfully challenging the instance, they can receive a large amount of experience rewards and have a chance to obtain valuable items.[How to Participate in the Guild Drinking Game]Players can find the Guild Drinking Game button on the main interface of the game and click to enter the activity page. Here, players need to find the “Limited Time Activity” in the activity list, and click to enter the “Daily Tasks” category. Daily tasks are divided into four parts: School Missions, Guild Missions, and Imperial Examinations. Players can accept three tasks each day, and when the specified progress is reached, they can receive rewards. These tasks are relatively simple and only require players to complete them according to the requirements.[How to Participate in the Activity?]In addition to daily tasks, the Guild Drinking Game also requires teaming up. As long as each player has a team of five, they can participate, and each team member must be from the same guild. Therefore, players who want to participate in this activity must contact their buddies more. Before the activity starts, players can open the activity interface in the game to check. When the activity starts, there will be a system prompt. Players can simply click on “Guild Drinking Game” in the activity interface to participate.During the instance of the Guild Drinking Game, players will automatically find their way to the location of NPC Li Shimin. During the conversation, there will be several options:Question 1: “Can you become a martial arts master?”Answer: Can you dominate the world?Question 2: “Can I achieve supreme glory?”Answer: Who can compete with the martial arts supremes?Question 3: “Do I want to become a great hero?”Answer: I am a heroic figure who dares to stand out in the martial arts world!Dragon Raja Mobile Game Quizzer Web Version, Challenge of Wisdom and CourageThe Dragon Raja Mobile Game Quizzer is a newly launched activity, and as long as players participate in this activity, they can easily obtain a large number of rewards. Today, let me introduce to you what the answers to this quiz are.[Question Types]The quiz includes questions about general knowledge and life skills, such as the aptitude of rare beasts, the growth rate of rare beasts, etc. It also includes questions about life occupations, such as what materials are needed for gathering and crafting skills, and what items can be made with these materials.[Question Categories]The quizzer is divided into several modules, including: Daily Q&A (including Imperial Examinations, Guild Missions, and Martial Arts Hall of Fame), Daily Question (including Martial Arts Hall of Fame and Imperial Examinations), Treasure Chess Game, Guild Alchemy, Guild Defense Battle, Daily Trial (including Martial Arts Hall of Fame and Martial Arts Trial), Hero Challenge (including Hero Trial and Hero Instance).A new module is opened every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and all modules are open on Sundays. The content of the activities from Monday to Sunday is different. Monday to Sunday are independent quiz activities, Tuesday to Thursday have double rewards, and Saturday’s rewards are even more generous. The rewards on Friday are limited edition appreciation gift packs, which contain rare and valuable items, including precious gemstone boxes and rare artifacts.[Quiz Tips]The quizzer is a very useful feature because it can help you quickly answer questions and quickly obtain experience and copper coins. Therefore, as long as you participate in the quiz in the game, you can quickly gain a large amount of experience points and coins in a short period of time. This way, in the early stages of the game, you will have more time and resources to improve yourself, obtain better equipment, levels, or other items, allowing you to quickly enhance your strength and gain more benefits in instances.In addition, there is also a very important feature, which is the guild training. In the guild activity interface, there is an option called “Training”, and players can quickly level up through the training system.The above is the guide to the Dragon Raja Mobile Game Quizzer brought to you by the editor. I hope it can help you solve all the difficulties and problems in the game.

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