How to Download and Experience the Foreign Version of League of Legends Mobile Game? (LOL Mobile Game iOS Version Log in to the Japanese Server, Conquer Another World!)

How to download and experience the foreign version of League of Legends mobile

How to download and experience the foreign version of League of Legends mobile game? (LOL mobile game iOS version logs in to the Japanese server, conquers another world!) League of Legends mobile game is a very popular game in Japan, although it has been online for a long time in the Japanese server, there are still many players who do not know how to download and experience this foreign version. So, how to download and experience the LOL mobile game foreign version? Let’s take a look with the editor below!

First, you need to register an account. If it’s in Japanese, you’ll need to use an accelerator.

Then you need to open it using Google Chrome. After opening it, there will be a search box, just enter “lol” and search. After the search results appear, click on it to enter, and this page will appear. There will be a lot of content inside. Select the one you want to play and click on it to see the fist account and the American account. All you need to do is enter your date of birth and password to log in.

If you want to log in directly using the Google Play Store, you can buy one from a certain treasure. If it’s the American region, you can directly search for it on Taobao. Because the game adopts the European-style gameplay, the price is still relatively expensive, but the Chinese server has been opened now, so you can download it with confidence.

The above is about how to download and experience the foreign version of League of Legends mobile game. For more information, please follow Jiu You League of Legends mobile game section!

LOL Mobile Game iOS Version Logs in to the Japanese Server, Conquer Another World!

Recently, the Japanese version of LOL mobile game has officially logged in to the Chinese AppStore, and after the game went online, it attracted many players to play. Currently, this Japanese version of “League of Legends” iOS version is also about to log in to the Japanese market, compared to other domestic and foreign servers, its Japanese localization and English dubbing are more outstanding!

Today, “LOL: Heroes Proof” has landed on the Japanese AppStore!

Previously, “League of Legends” (referred to as LPL) as the most popular MOBA mobile game globally, has received a lot of attention and love, and after a period of development, its performance in the Japanese market is still good. The characters in “Dragons” are also quite good, and this time, the game will also land on the Japanese AppStore to show its true strength in the same way. Classic maps such as “Battlefield Mecha”, “Guardian Angel”, “Polar Glacier”, and “Star Abyss” will also appear in the Japanese server one after another.

In addition, the Fist Company of the Japanese server has also prepared an official Weibo letter for iOS users, stating that the content is from “My Name Is Leon,” and it indicates that he is a person with extraordinary power who will lead them on a journey in the future.

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