How to Easily Obtain Endless Wealth Using the Texas Hold’em Gold Coin Brush Tool (Heavy Cheats Exposed, Shocking Release of Texas Hold’em Gold Coin Auxiliary Techniques!)

How to easily obtain endless wealth using the Texas Hold\’em gold coin brush tool

How to easily obtain endless wealth using the Texas Hold’em gold coin brush tool (heavy cheats exposed, shocking release of Texas Hold’em gold coin auxiliary techniques!) Texas Landlord is Tencent’s first desktop game, its gameplay is similar to the “poker” in the Everyday series, but it emphasizes more on strategy and also tests the player’s operation. In “Texas Landlord”, players can use auxiliary tools to quickly obtain gold coins and easily obtain endless wealth! Today, the editor wants to introduce a tool that can help everyone quickly obtain endless wealth!

Gold coin brush tool sharing:

1. Firstly, open the Pancake Modifier and click on the minus sign in the upper right corner to minimize it.

2. Then open the Texas Hold’em game and enter the main interface of the game. Then click to select the game mode and choose [Customization]. After entering the mini game, wait for a few seconds to modify the game’s money quantity.

3. Then enter the game’s main interface and select the battle room to play the game.

4. Finally, enter the game of Texas Mahjong, click to start the game, and then click to exit the game.

5. Return to the game interface and click to start the game.


1. Each time you enter the game, you need to consume a diamond. When the diamonds are insufficient, you cannot continue the game.

2. Although the game “Texas Landlord” is played on the desktop, it is not displayed on the game interface, so if you want to play happily, you still need to spend more time playing.

Heavy cheats exposed, shocking release of Texas Hold’em gold coin auxiliary techniques!

In the game “Texas Landlord”, the main way for players to win gold coins is to master some scoring aids. Today, the editor will teach you how to use the “Pancake Modifier” to achieve the goal of quickly making money.

First of all, we need to know that there are two ways to modify the Pancake Modifier. One is to directly modify the game’s gold coin value, and the other is to use software to directly modify the game’s gold coin value (for example: if you modify 100W, the game’s gold coins will become 10W).

1. Directly modify the gold coin value.

This method is only applicable to Everyday Table Games, running directly on mobile phones, and then opening the Pancake Modifier on the desktop, searching for numbers in Everyday Mahjong, such as 10W, 10*10, 10*8, etc. When modifying, we can see that the values have changed.

2. Use auxiliary tools to modify the gold coin value.

This method is also applicable to Android devices, but on iOS devices, we don’t need to do this! Just use the software to modify it, and then open Everyday Poker, you can see that there is only one search result now. At this time, as long as we click modify, we can change it to the number that players want.

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