How to Obtain Yellow Water Balloons in KartRider Rush+? New Gameplay Revealed! (Blade HT and Bulldozer HT: Abilities of Two Powerful Karts Fully Unveiled!)

How to obtain yellow water balloons in KartRider Rush+? Are there any tips? I be

How to obtain yellow water balloons in KartRider Rush+? Are there any tips? I believe many players are still confused about these two new gameplay mechanics! Interested friends, let’s take a look together with me!

Little secret to obtain yellow water balloons: Pick up water bombs in item race and successfully launch them to earn corresponding points.

By obtaining and successfully launching water bombs, you can earn corresponding experience.

When your points reach a certain value, you can receive corresponding rewards.

I recommend everyone to collect some items in the game so that you can quickly obtain these items and earn more gold coins, cool coins, and energy crystals in the race. These rewards are very important for players.

Of course, these rewards are not fixed. As long as players participate in the game during the event period and accumulate a certain level of activity, they can receive corresponding treasure chest rewards, including yellow water balloons!

Blade HT and Bulldozer HT: Abilities of Two Powerful Karts Fully Unveiled!

In “Blade HT,” Bulldozer GT is currently the most popular kart, with high attack power, defense, and HP. However, in terms of appearance, the MT of Bulldozer looks more domineering! So, are these two karts really powerful? Let’s analyze them together!

First, let’s take a look at the abilities of the two karts:

Bulldozer HD:

This kart has high physical attributes and excellent attack power, making it a tank-type kart with strong physical damage output and decent HP in the early game. However, its defense is relatively low, and it becomes slow in terms of speed in the late game.

On the other hand, Bulldozer HIT doesn’t have the same attributes as Bulldozer HD, but it has outstanding defense and movement abilities. In the late game, Bulldozer HK has very strong defense. Especially, its h skill can effectively help withstand enemy firepower attacks while defending.

Overall, comparing the two karts, Bulldozer HIT has advantages in terms of speed and HP.

Meanwhile, Bulldozer HA has weaker defense.

In the early game, Bulldozer HA has lower defense and slower speed. So, in terms of attack power and defense, both karts are not particularly outstanding but belong to a more balanced type.

Of course, in the game, players can choose which kart to use as their pet according to their own situation.

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