How to Build a Stunning Lineup? Genshin Impact’s Recommended Lineup for Shenli Ayaka! (How Should You Match Them? The Ultimate Lineup Guide for Shenli Ayaka in Genshin Impact!)

How to Build a Stunning Lineup? Genshin Impact\’s Recommended Lineup for Shenli

How to Build a Stunning Lineup? Genshin Impact’s Recommended Lineup for Shenli Ayaka! (How Should You Match Them? The Ultimate Lineup Guide for Shenli Ayaka in Genshin Impact!) In Genshin Impact, we can mix and match characters to create lineups. The more lineups we have, the more benefits we can gain. In many cases in the game, we can choose powerful characters to coordinate with. So how can we build a stunning lineup in Genshin Impact? Let’s find out together below!

1. Team Composition

1. Shenli Ayaka (Cryo)

Lineup: 1 set of Ayaka’s 4-Star Artifact “Blizzard Strayer”, 4 sets of Mona’s 4-Star Artifact “Noblesse Oblige”, 6 sets of Qiqi’s 4-Star Artifact “Maiden Beloved”

Analysis: The core of this lineup is Shenli Ayaka. She has high damage and Cryo elemental output. She also has a chance to trigger Freeze effect when dealing Cryo damage.

2. Venti + Childe (Hydro)

Lineup: Venti + Childe + Xingqiu + Albedo (Hydro) / Sucrose + Any Cryo character

Analysis: This lineup is the ultimate configuration for a full Hydro team. Venti can provide damage bonus to teammates and provide shields for the whole team, ensuring their survivability. Childe’s attack bonus effect allows the entire team to have a good output environment. Albedo’s damage bonus effect can also bring amplification effect to the whole team, and Xingqiu provides damage bonus to the whole team.

3. Xiao + Barbara (Pyro)

Lineup: Xiao + Barbara + Raiden (Electro) + Bennett (Anemo) / Mona

Analysis: Xiao and Barbara are both Hydro characters, and Raiden can provide the ability to gather enemies. Bennett’s ultimate can heal all characters in the team, improving the overall sustainability of the team. Both Bennett and Mona’s support can maximize the team’s output, and Mona’s healing ability can ensure the team’s survivability.

2. Lineup Summary

1. In terms of lineup, because Cryo is one of the easiest elements to obtain among all characters at the moment, it is recommended to match Cryo characters.

2. There are two Cryo characters in the team, and one of them is Shenli Ayaka, so there must be a character in the team that can apply Cryo effect to enemies.

3. Xingqiu, Barbara, and Bennett are all Cryo characters, so it is best to choose characters with healing skills or shields to ensure the team’s survivability.

Above is the relevant content of the recommended lineup for Shenli Ayaka in Genshin Impact collected by the editor.

How Should You Match Them? The Ultimate Lineup Guide for Shenli Ayaka in Genshin Impact!

In the game Genshin Impact, there are many different characters for players to choose from, and these different characters also have their own characteristics and attributes. There are also many different elements that can be combined in the game, such as Anemo, Electro, and more. So what is the best lineup for Shenli Ayaka in Genshin Impact?

In fact, in the game Genshin Impact, for many novice players, it is not easy to obtain this character. First of all, players need to raise the character’s level to above level 10, so that they can unlock the corresponding main quests, and then complete the corresponding side quests to obtain Shenli Ayaka. In the game, Shenli’s elemental attribute is Cryo, and her elemental skill can trigger the Freeze effect. This makes it easier for players to deal damage in battles. Additionally, Shenli Ayaka’s normal attacks are also very powerful, so players can take advantage of this to output more damage, as players can use Ayaka’s abilities to deal more damage.

In the game, players can make good use of this elemental skill, which can effectively improve the character’s damage output ability. In addition, in the game, characters can also be combined and matched, such as Shenli Ayaka+Lisa+Qiqi, etc.

Above is the recommended lineup for Shenli in the game. Players can choose this lineup for matching in the game, and this lineup can also have a better impact on the characters.

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