Exclusive Strengthening Techniques in DDTank Adventure, Easily Dominate the Battle Ranking! (Rapidly Increase the Power of Game Characters, Master the Essential Techniques for Strengthening in DDTank Adventure!)

Exclusive Strengthening Techniques in DDTank Adventure, Easily Dominate the Bat

Exclusive Strengthening Techniques in DDTank Adventure, Easily Dominate the Battle Ranking! (Rapidly Increase the Power of Game Characters, Master the Essential Techniques for Strengthening in DDTank Adventure!) One of the important methods to increase combat power in DDTank is through strengthening. Players can enhance their combat abilities by strengthening equipment, embedding gems, and upgrading weapons; at the same time, players can further enhance their combat power by leveling up and advancing their weapons.

Exclusive Strengthening Techniques in DDTank Adventure

【Strengthening Techniques】

Equipment Strengthening

To enhance equipment, the first thing to know is how to strengthen the equipment. The quality of equipment ranges from white to green to blue to purple to orange, with higher quality equipment providing stronger combat attribute bonuses after strengthening. So, how do you strengthen equipment? It’s actually very simple. Click the “+” button in the lower right corner of the main interface to enter the strengthening interface.

In the strengthening interface, click “+” to see the required materials and number of times for equipment strengthening. If you have enough materials, you can choose to directly strengthen with gold coins; if you don’t have enough materials, you can click “One-click Strengthening” to quickly increase the level of equipment strengthening.

【Gem Embedding】

Embedding gems can greatly enhance the combat abilities of equipment, but the prerequisite is that you have enough gems. In the equipment interface, click “+”. You can see the button for gem embedding, and clicking the “+” button will take you to the gem embedding interface. In the embedding interface, click “+”, and you can embed gems that have already been embedded. However, obtaining gems is relatively limited, as they can only be purchased from the store. So, treasure the gems you already have in your hands.

【Weapon Upgrading】

Weapon Strengthening

Weapon strengthening is also one of the methods to improve personal strength, but weapon strengthening not only increases the attributes of the equipment, but also requires a certain amount of gold coins to continue strengthening. Therefore, players should remember to use corresponding enhancement stones for their weapons in the game. Additionally, the higher the quality of the weapon, the stronger the attribute boost from strengthening. Players can click “+” in the weapon interface to view the changes in weapon attributes after strengthening, so that they can quickly bring it to the maximum level.

Weapon Upgrading

In addition to improving the attributes of weapons with weapon strengthening, players can also upgrade the skill attributes, attack attributes, and special attributes of weapons to enhance their combat power. However, it is worth noting that the attribute bonuses will not increase further after weapon upgrading. Therefore, fellow players, don’t forget to upgrade your weapons.

These are the exclusive strengthening techniques in DDTank Adventure that I have prepared for everyone. Have you learned them?

Rapidly Increase the Power of Game Characters, Master the Essential Techniques for Strengthening in DDTank Adventure!

Hello, fellow DDTank players! Today I will share with you some strengthening techniques in the game. Equipment, weapons, and gems can all be used to increase your strength. So how can you strengthen them? Let me explain below!

【Level Up】

In DDTank Adventure, player level represents the overall strength of the character. To increase your character level, you need to continuously upgrade the attributes of your equipment, weapons, and gems. The higher the quality of the equipment, weapons, and gems, the greater the possibility of increasing your character level.

In addition to leveling up, equipment strengthening is also an important means to increase character power. Players can use equipment enhancement stones to increase the strengthening cap of their equipment. Enhancement stones can be obtained through dungeon drops, lottery, and the in-game store.


Once the player reaches level 30, they can undergo breakthrough. Each breakthrough consumes an identical piece of equipment for the corresponding body part, and after breakthrough, not only will the basic attributes increase, but more new skills will also be unlocked.

After breakthrough, players can also recast and awaken their current character, greatly enhancing their combat power.

【Gem Embedding】

Players can enhance various attributes of their characters by embedding gems during battles. Gems are divided into attack gems and HP gems. Each character can embed up to 3 gems. As the character level increases, more types of gems can be used, and the higher the gem level, the more noticeable the attribute enhancement effect.

In addition, players can also upgrade gems, and each upgrade will increase the equipment’s quality tier. Different quality tiers of equipment have different numbers of gems that can be embedded.


Pets are the fastest way to increase character combat power. Pets not only have powerful attributes, but also deal additional damage to enemies. In DDTank Adventure, players can enhance the attributes of their pets through evolution, making them even stronger!

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