Conquer the Three Kingdoms and relive the bloodshed of famous generals competing for dominance (Unveil the strategic talent of the bloodthirsty Three Kingdoms generals on the battlefield).

Conquer the Three Kingdoms and relive the bloodshed of famous generals competin

Conquer the Three Kingdoms and relive the bloodshed of famous generals competing for dominance (Unveil the strategic talent of the bloodthirsty Three Kingdoms generals on the battlefield). The mobile game “Conquer the Three Kingdoms,” adapted from the classic Three Kingdoms theme, has recently launched its full beta test. The game is set in a hot-blooded national style, with optimized improvements made to generals, troops, camps, and more. In order to meet the needs of different players, the game will also add new storyline levels and special activities in this version update.

【Famous Generals in Chaos, Relive the Battle of Dominance】

Since its release, “Conquer the Three Kingdoms” has received support from many fans and has successfully attracted more people to join this vast world. As a Three Kingdoms strategy RPG mobile game, players need to play as a city lord to lead their army to attack Luoyang, the capital of Jiangdong (modern-day Xiang County, Shanxi). In this large-scale sandbox map, players need to constantly conquer heroes and warriors from all over, crush enemy forces, and ultimately achieve dominance over the world. In terms of gameplay, the game adopts real-time combat, where each character has their own skills, attack methods, and passive abilities. Through reasonable combinations and formations, unexpected effects can be achieved.

【Exciting Development, Choose from a Variety of Generals】

In addition to regular PVE and PVP gameplay, “Conquer the Three Kingdoms – Battle for Dominance” (SNK) also inherits this traditional mode. “Conquer the Three Kingdoms – Battle for Dominance” not only has a rich and interesting gameplay system but also has innovative nurturing gameplay and the joy of collection and development. There is a “Wild Monster” gameplay in the game, where players need to send troops to challenge bosses and plunder resources in the wild, and defeat monsters to obtain rich reward items. There is also a “World Boss” where players can enter the world boss gameplay through the “Battlefield” interface and challenge the world boss to obtain a large number of reward items. In addition, players also have the opportunity to participate in limited-time activities and obtain top-quality equipment, becoming the strongest king!

Unveil the Strategic Talent of the Bloodthirsty Three Kingdoms Generals on the Battlefield

“Bloodthirsty Three Kingdoms” has always been highly praised by players since its beta testing. As a card mobile game, the combination of generals, tactics, and formations in “Bloodthirsty Three Kingdoms” has always been popular among players and is known as the strategic combat gameplay in the game. In the upcoming test period starting on August 11th, let us unveil the strategic talent of these famous and heroic generals in the “Battlefield” mode!

In the “Battlefield” mode, players can choose their own country to participate in one of the countries, and challenge the famous generals of the vassal armies, Wei, and Shu. These famous generals play their own roles in battle, and their skills and attributes are unique!

【Zhang Liao】

The Brave General

Zhang Liao has a high reputation in the history of the Three Kingdoms and is as powerful as any other fierce general. Zhang Liao excels at close combat and can easily inflict a large amount of damage. Therefore, on the battlefield, he can be used as a tank or a secondary tank, but due to his poor defensive ability, he can only serve as a backline output and provide buffs for friendly units.

【Zhao Yun】

Unparalleled Hero

Zhao Yun is a strategist under Cao Cao. He not only has high physical attack and critical hit rate but also can increase the dodge rate for all allied units. He can serve as both a tank and a secondary tank, providing strong sustenance for the team. At the same time, when both sides have low health, he can restore a certain percentage of his own health, giving him better survivability.

【Zhou Yu】

Burning Red Cliffs

Zhou Yu, the son of Sun Quan, was a famous military strategist during the Eastern Wu period. In “Call of Duty: Glory of the Han Dynasty,” Sun Quan’s troops are similar to Guan Yu’s, but Sun Shangxiang’s troops are slightly stronger, so Zhou Yu’s performance on the battlefield is more outstanding. Zhou Yu can cause a significant amount of magic damage to enemies, giving him a greater advantage in battle.

【Gan Ning】

Fierce and Ambitious

Gan Ning is determined and ambitious. He is famous for his righteousness. Although he is just a child, he has extraordinary charisma and charm. As an honest old man, Gan Ning’s positioning in the game is a frontline tank. His attack and health values are relatively high.

【Huang Zhong】

Talented Archer

Huang Zhong’s positioning is a long-range mage. He can control the enemy’s main general by releasing freezing traps and cause a certain amount of physical damage. He can play a significant role in battle. Huang Zhong is a long-range physical output general in the game, and his skills and damage are slightly higher than those of Huang Zhong. However, it is important to note that Huang Zhong’s defensive ability is relatively weak, so he can provide some protection for our team in battle!

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