Secrets of Demon Hunter Skill Points! Become the Ultimate Attack Monster Weapon! (MapleStory M Demon Hunter Complete Guide: Break the Battle Shackles, Unleash Endless Rage!)

Secrets of Demon Hunter Skill Points! Become the Ultimate Attack Monster Weapon!

Secrets of Demon Hunter Skill Points! Become the Ultimate Attack Monster Weapon! (MapleStory M Demon Hunter Complete Guide: Break the Battle Shackles, Unleash Endless Rage!) As a warrior, you play the role of a meat shield in the game. But the Demon Hunter is not like that! She has strong defense capabilities and extremely high attack power! However, she is also a long-range class and relies on her own operation skills to defeat opponents. Therefore, skill points, equipment combinations, attribute choices, and more are all crucial for the Demon Hunter. Today, let’s talk about the Demon Hunter in the game.

MapleStory M Demon Hunter Skill Point Guide:

Skill Points

First, let’s talk about the skills. The Demon Hunter has three skills: Summon Dark Spirit, Frost Trap, and Demon Shockwave. Summon Dark Spirit can summon a Dark Spirit that can damage enemies and reduce their movement speed. Both of these skills can greatly help the Demon Hunter. Frost Trap can cause continuous damage to enemies and seal them when they die, preventing them from using skills. Demon Shockwave can summon a powerful Dark Storm that can gather enemies together.

Attribute Choices

The Demon Hunter has extremely high attack power, so in terms of attribute choices, we can start with Agility and Strength. Agility is crucial for attack, and it is also very important for the Demon Hunter because it affects her attack speed. Another choice is Luck, which increases the Demon Hunter’s luck, making her attack faster than the other two attributes. Luck can also increase the Demon Hunter’s defense power and accuracy.

Allocation Methods

The Demon Hunter has various allocation methods. First, let’s look at the first method, which is to allocate points to all attributes. This method can maximize the Demon Hunter’s survival ability in battles. The second method is to allocate all points to attack power, which will make the Demon Hunter even faster in terms of attack speed. The last method is to allocate all points to agility, which will result in more terrifying damage during attacks and better attack power compared to the other two methods.

MapleStory M Demon Hunter Complete Guide: Break the Battle Shackles, Unleash Endless Rage!

As the only female character in “MapleStory M”, the Demon Hunter’s position in the game has always been relatively awkward. She has high output capabilities and a great figure, so many players like to pair her with the warrior class. However, due to careless operation, she often loses to other classes. So, what are the battle shackles of the Demon Hunter? How to break them? Let’s take a look at the MapleStory M Demon Hunter guide below.

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1. Battle Basics

1. Attack Power

The Demon’s attack power is a base value, while her HP is only half of the base value. Therefore, in order to maintain high attack power in battles, the Demon Hunter must ensure that she doesn’t die.

2. Defense Power

Although the Demon’s defense power is not as high as the warrior’s, it should not be ignored. The Demon’s defense power is a base value, so the higher her defense power, the less threat she poses to enemies during attacks. As the Demon Hunter is a high HP, low defense class, a high defense power is necessary to ensure her survival ability.

2. Battle Skills

1. Demon Barrage

Demon Barrage is the Demon’s first skill, which can attack all monsters in front of her. However, Demon Barrage has a 30-second cooldown.

2. Demon Shockwave

Demon Shockwave is the Demon’s signature skill, which can increase her attack speed by 25%. It can attack any area around her.

3. Spirit Summon

This is the Demon Hunter’s second skill, which can summon powerful spirits around her to assist in battle. Spirit Summon has a level of 10 and a 60-second cooldown.

4. Venomous Bomb

Venomous Bomb is the Demon’s third skill. It can make the Demon enter a ghost realm, where all units within the range will be damaged. The Demon cannot move while using this skill, and the spirit has infinite HP. This means that only the ghost remains for the Demon Hunter.

5. Death Binding

Death Binding is the Demon’s fourth skill, which allows her to enter a reaper-like state. In this state, the Demon’s attack becomes ranged, but the spirit’s attack power decreases.

6. Deadly Pursuit

Deadly Pursuit is the Demon Hunter’s fifth skill. It can turn the Demon’s tracking effect into a large area attack, but the spirit’s attack power will be greatly reduced. This is when the tracking skill of the Demon comes into play.

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