Surprise Upgrade! Qian Nu You Hun Mobile Game Home Experience New Features! (Easy Upgrade! Peasant Home Strategy Revealed!)

Surprise Upgrade! Qian Nu You Hun Mobile Game Home Experience New Features! (Eas

Surprise Upgrade! Qian Nu You Hun Mobile Game Home Experience New Features! (Easy Upgrade! Peasant Home Strategy Revealed!) The new server of the mobile game “Qian Nu You Hun” has been launched, and the beginning of the new server undoubtedly makes the players’ gaming journey more exciting! In this update, the home gameplay of the “Qian Nu You Hun” mobile game has also undergone major changes. Players can choose their favorite furniture placement and interact with them to upgrade, and they can also use Diamond Drills and Treasure Chest Keys to open their own luxury homes! So, how to play the home to quickly level up? How do peasant players level up quickly? Let’s take a look together~

[Beginner’s Guide] Complete Guide for Beginners

After entering the home system, players must first complete the following tasks:

1. Talk to NPC “Qian Sange”.

2. Complete the story mission: gain experience.

3. Obtain the item “Bronze Incense Burner”.

4. Complete daily tasks: obtain silver (task content is to complete faction tasks).

5. Participate in One-stop service, faction tasks, and review the story (task content is to help Lao Yi find the spirit beast).

6. Participate in guild transportation, treasure map tasks, and obtain saffron.

7. Purchase items in the guild shop (task content is to buy home materials-wood boards, wood boards are important materials in the home construction process, so remember to buy them every day!).

8. Buy “Piggy Pudding” and randomly obtain a yellow duck (pet) after use. Yellow ducks can be obtained through home planting or directly exchanged using Diamond Drills.

9. Use Green Willow Dew to upgrade the home. The upgraded piggy will become stronger, and the appearance of the piggy will also change!

10. Receive welfare activity tasks and obtain rewards (task content is to receive welfare activity tasks).

11. Complete daily tasks: obtain a large number of silver tickets.

12. Participate in guild shop purchases (task content is to complete guild shop purchases).

13. Participate in “Heart Demon Trial”, “Challenge and Win Rewards”, “Jianghu Road” (task content is to kill monsters), and participate in the “Five Elements Sequence” activity.

14. Complete tasks such as “Fulu Shouxihan” and “Heaven’s Gifted Match”.

15. Participate in the Imperial Examination, faction challenges, and participate in guild thief activities.

16. Obtain permanent titles and various rare items (rewards include titles, mounts, and costumes, etc.).

Easy Upgrade! Peasant Home Strategy Revealed!

Home is a place that many players will go to because here you can not only enjoy various rich life skills but also experience various interesting gameplay in the early stages of the game. So how to level up quickly? Today, I will bring you a guide for peasant players to quickly level up their homes.

1. How to quickly increase your level

When we reach around level 20, our home level will reach level 10. At this time, we just need to click on the menu bar in the upper right corner of the screen, select “Tasks”, and then enter the task interface.

2. How to level up quickly

When we reach around level 25, we can open the home system. Then we can enter the home system. After entering the home system, we can see that there are many functions in the home system, such as shops, friend functions, friend interactions, etc. We can buy various items and props here.

3. How to earn money

When we reach around level 30, we can start doing mainline quests. After completing the mainline quests, we can go to battle in dungeons and participate in daily gameplay.

4. How do peasants play homes

When we complete tasks, we will find that our experience is very low, so what we need to do is level up and then improve our combat power. In this way, we can quickly gain a large amount of experience points. Of course, leveling up also requires a certain amount of gold, so if you have sufficient money, you can buy some gold coins, my friends.

5. How to earn more gold

When we reach around level 40, we can start mining, herbal medicine collection, and hunting. These three gameplay methods can earn money, and we can also improve our combat power by completing achievements.

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