Unveiling the Equipment Strategy of the Plague Rat (Breaking the Deadlock, Innovative Guide to Plague Rat Equipment)

In \”The Plague Rat,\” the Plague Rat is an assassin with strong control and susta

In “The Plague Rat,” the Plague Rat is an assassin with strong control and sustained damage abilities. He has extremely high output and burst damage, but lacks stable sustainability and burst output capabilities, so he also requires certain skills in equipment selection. So how can we make the Plague Rat have high burst damage? Below, we bring you the equipment gameplay of the Plague Rat.

First recommended equipment: Broken Myth – Giant’s Belt, Wild Power – Frost Hammer, Night Hunter – Blood Claws, Magic Dragon Scepter – Eclipse Blade;

Second recommended equipment: Infinity Orb, Magic Shoes, Soul Devourer – Void Staff, Ring of Slaughter (resurrection armor), Aegis Cloak – Rapid Fire Cannon, Crit Cannon – Blade of the Slayer;

Third recommended equipment: Holy Grail, Death Mask, Witch’s Curse, Hat, Black Cut, Resurrection Armor;

Fourth recommended equipment: Lightning Dagger, Mithril Blade, Blade of Desolation, Ninja Tabi, Sage’s Protection (resurrection armor);

Fifth recommended equipment: Dominator’s Desolation (Blade of Desolation), this equipment can give the Plague Rat extremely high burst damage and increase his movement speed, allowing him to chase or escape more flexibly.

Sixth recommended equipment: Eternal Ice Column – Embrace of Winter, Revenant Cloak, Black Cutter – Frost Hammer, Voodoo Staff – Curse Pendant, Phoenix Eye, Sage’s Protection (resurrection armor).

In the early game, the Plague Rat needs to use his own skills to wear down enemies. During the laning phase, the Plague Rat can rely on passive effects and skills to quickly clear the minions. When the enemy hero’s damage is low, we can use basic attacks to control the enemy. When the enemy’s damage is high, we can release our own basic attacks and use our ultimate to deal damage to the enemy. When the enemy’s health is low, we can release our ultimate to damage the enemy hero and use skills to repel the enemy. When the hero has high health and there are no enemy mages, we can choose to use our ultimate to pull the enemy hero back to us.

Above are the gameplay guide and experience of the Plague Rat’s equipment. Have you learned it, my friends? If you have any other questions, please continue to support QQ Mobile Games.

Breaking the Deadlock, Innovative Guide to Plague Rat Equipment

The Plague Rat is a long-range mage with strong burst damage and control. In the game, she can both deal explosive damage and contribute a lot of output to the team. Now, let me bring you a guide on the skills and recommended equipment for the Plague Rat!

As one of the most popular damage-dealing heroes in the current version, the Plague Rat has extremely high burst damage and control abilities, making her one of the most terrifying presence in a team.

As a sustained damage mage, the Plague Rat’s skills mainly consist of AOE, slow effects, and sustained damage. At the same time, she has decent AOE damage and can pose a great threat to enemies.

Skill recommendation: Frost Invasion

Frost Invasion can add freeze effects to all surrounding enemy troops and cause slow and sustained damage effects. During the laning phase, when combined with her passive slowing effect, it can effectively wear down opponents.

Equipment recommendation:

Shadow Scepter, Soul Orb, Magic God’s Mask

As the Plague Rat is a burst mage, we can choose equipment that increases output and magic damage. Shadow Scepter can provide spell penetration and attack speed effects for the Plague Rat, enhancing her burst damage; Soul Orb can provide lifesteal effect, improving her sustainability; Magic God’s Mask can provide health, cooldown reduction attributes, and magic damage bonus, allowing the Plague Rat to have an impressive performance in team fights.

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