Battlefield 3 Online Tutorial: Master Tactics and Become the Dominant Force on the Battlefield! (Battlefield 3 Online Tutorial: Creative Strategic Gameplay, Reshaping the World of Warfare!)

In Battlefield 3, online multiplayer is an important game mode. While players ca

In Battlefield 3, online multiplayer is an important game mode. While players can create their own rooms, the number of players is limited. When entering a room, players need to engage in a battle. So many players want to join the game. But some people are not clear, so let me share some of my experiences below!

First is the operation of creating a room:

Players can hold the Ctrl key to open the menu bar, then click on “LAN”.

In the LAN options, you can choose “multiplayer” and “custom game”. In multiplayer mode, you can choose “free match” and “team match”; in custom game mode, players can set the room as “friendly room”, “enemy room”, “team room”, where the team room is a friendly room, and the room outside the team is an enemy team room.

Room configuration:

There are four types of room configurations: weapon room (M4A1 automatic rifle), weapon room (G36 pistol), and weapon room (AK47 sniper).

Players can set according to their personal preferences. For example, if you want to set an assault rifle, you need to set the room as a “backup room”. The size of the room can be adjusted.

When entering the room, the system will prompt the player to press “F8” to open the hidden map, so players can go directly to the room and then choose another location to start the game.

After entering the room, the system will automatically assign players to the room. If players want to join the game, they need to exit the game first and then create a room again.

Players can also increase the room’s fault tolerance rate through the “quick start” function, so as to quickly find a suitable position and form a fixed small team with friends for combat.

Finally, I want to remind players not to forget to use the voice function in the game!

Battlefield 3 Online Tutorial: Creative Strategic Gameplay, Reshaping the World of Warfare!

Today, I will bring you a Battlefield 3 online tutorial, which includes some tips and details about online play. I hope it can help you.

First, let me talk about the online gameplay. There are many modes in online play, such as campaign mode, demolition mode, etc. And you can join other players at any time in online mode, so it’s very interesting to play. But you need to be aware that if you quit or close other players’ game modes in online mode, you will be restricted. If you quit or close, the game will enter a cooldown period, and if you die in the game, you will start again.

So, online play is a very good choice.

Online strategy tips:

1. Game settings

Players can choose from game modes such as survival mode, demolition mode, and survival mode.

Survival mode: As the name suggests, it is a gameplay where players and enemies shoot at each other.

Demolition mode: Players can attack all enemy units on the map. This mode requires teamwork.

Survival mode: This mode is very simple, as it is only suitable for single and double teams.

Demolition mode: This mode is a mode where players compete against each other, that is, player versus player.

Demolition mode: Players can occupy bases to score, and the score is your ranking. The higher the ranking, the richer the rewards, so this is a mode worth studying!

2. Gameplay

There are two modes in the game, one is solo mode, and the other is multiplayer mode, which is called cross-server, which means you can play with friends.

Cross-server: It is a mode to play with other players, mainly allowing game players to join each other’s worlds or legions, or create rooms to play in their own servers together.

Solo mode: It’s playing with friends.

Multiplayer mode: It’s creating a room in your own place and then fighting against other players!

3. Notes on Online Play

During online play, players need to pay attention to their network issues. If the network is not smooth, there will be lag in the game, which needs to be cleared in time.

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