Break the level limit and enjoy the DNF mobile game job transfer task (unlock professional transformation, quickly upgrade DNF mobile game level)

Breaking the level limit, enjoying the DNF mobile game job transfer task (unlock

Breaking the level limit, enjoying the DNF mobile game job transfer task (unlock professional transformation, quickly upgrade DNF mobile game level) In the DNF mobile game, many players want to know why they should play job transfer tasks? If you are a novice, then we need to first understand the professions in the DNF mobile game and then choose a job transfer profession. However, some players may ask, if they are not familiar with the DNF PC game, their level will definitely not be enough. In fact, there are job transfer tasks in the game, which not only allow us to level up faster, but also very practical. Let’s take a look together!

In the game Dungeon Fighter Online, each character has a job transfer task. After completing our job transfer task, we can activate our subsequent job transfer tasks, unlocking more professions and equipment. However, some players may ask, what should we do to activate our job transfer tasks? In fact, this task is not very complicated because many players will accept it, just follow the main quests. However, one thing to note is that after completing the job transfer task, we will receive two rewards, one is experience points and the other is gold coins.

Although we can unlock more skills after completing the job transfer task, these skills require a certain amount of fatigue points to use. Therefore, if we don’t have enough fatigue points to perform the job transfer, we cannot obtain the rewards of the job transfer task. However, we can also go to dungeons for rewards. After clearing them, we will also receive a certain amount of material rewards. These materials are generally difficult to obtain, so it’s better not to waste time doing dungeons to obtain these materials.

However, we can improve our level through other methods. For example, while clearing Abyss, we can challenge Abyss three times for free every week, and depending on our clearance, we can also receive additional material rewards. And when we reach level 15, we can unlock the sweeping function, so that we can directly obtain experience points.

Above is all the content about how to quickly reach level 150 in the DNF mobile game. Have you learned it, everyone? Hope it can be helpful to you. If you want to learn more about the latest information and strategies of DNF mobile game and other mobile games, please pay attention to the mobile game website.

Unlock professional transformation, quickly upgrade DNF mobile game level

In DNF mobile game, with the player’s level increase, more gameplay can be unlocked and new professional transformations can be unlocked. So how to quickly level up in the DNF mobile game? Let’s understand together!

[Professional Unlock]

In the game, there are 6 major professions, including Sword Saint, Fighter, Mage, Summoner, and Gunner. Each profession has a different role, and to become a legendary player, you need to increase your level, and the higher the level, the more skills you can unlock. For example, increasing the skill level of Sword Soul can increase physical attack power and physical critical strike rate, while Magic Eye can increase the upper limit of magic attack power and reduce skill cooldown time.

[Skill Unlock]

Each profession in the game has 4 professional exclusive skills, and one of these skills is the only way to unlock professional exclusive skills. After the character’s level reaches 25, you can activate the first job transfer, and the second job transfer can only be opened when the character’s level reaches 45. Therefore, when you level up, be sure not to ignore this upgrade task.

In addition, you can also unlock more new features through leveling up, such as increasing equipment attributes and unlocking weapon appearances. It is worth mentioning that unlocking new profession skills requires a certain amount of gold coins, so you need to plan your gold coins wisely during the leveling process.

In addition to these leveling methods, DNF mobile game also provides other experience bonuses, such as clearing Abyss to obtain additional experience rewards, and clearing maps to obtain extra experience points.

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