Treasure Hunting Adventure in Legend World Web Version (How to Become a Treasure Hunter and Take Exclusive Legend World Web Version Treasures)

Explore Treasure Maps, go on treasure hunting adventures in the Legend World web

Explore Treasure Maps, go on treasure hunting adventures in the Legend World web version (How to become a treasure hunting expert, and exclusively claim Legend World web version treasures). Explore treasure maps, go on treasure hunting adventures in the Legend World web version (How to become a treasure hunting expert, and exclusively claim Legend World web version treasures). Treasure hunting expert, exclusively claim Legend World web version treasures! Today, the editor will share the treasure hunting strategy with you!

Treasure hunting is a classic and fun gameplay in Legend World. There are many types of treasure chests in the game, and players can search for them according to their preferences. Different treasure chests have different rewards.

There are many types of treasure hunting. Players can see the marks of treasure chests on the map and can also go treasure hunting. Treasure hunting is not difficult, but it can be challenging for beginners.

There are mainly two types of items for treasure hunting: treasure fragments and collectibles. Treasure fragments are the collectibles obtained by players through treasure hunting. The way to obtain treasure fragments is simple, players just need to go treasure hunting to obtain them. Treasure fragments are divided into gold treasure maps and ingot treasure maps. Ingot treasure maps can give gold coins, while ingot treasure maps can obtain rare equipment.

In addition to treasure maps, players also have the opportunity to snatch treasure maps from other players. If a player can obtain a treasure map, they can keep it, and the way of obtaining treasure maps is also very simple, as long as the player goes treasure hunting, they can get a treasure map.

Players can also obtain treasures through auctions or various events. Among them, the rewards from auctions are relatively rich, while treasure maps can only be obtained by going treasure hunting.

The technique of treasure hunting is for players to always check if they already have a treasure map in their backpack while mining. Because obtaining a treasure map is very difficult, players must always pay attention to whether they have a treasure map.

In the game, players can go treasure hunting, but if they do not find a treasure map, they will not be able to obtain treasures. Therefore, players are best to search for treasure maps near the mine.

How to Become a Treasure Hunting Expert and Exclusive Claim Legend World Web Version Treasures

As one of the distinctive systems in the Legend World web version, treasure hunting is an important way for players to obtain equipment, items, and other resources. However, many newbies do not know how to mine to get the equipment or items they want. Today, the editor brings you the “Legend World web version” treasure hunting strategy, hoping to help players better explore and find their own top-notch equipment!

In the “Legend World web version”, players can discover treasure points in the wilderness map. Players can enter the treasure chest exploration area by clicking the “Explore” button on the map interface. Each map has one treasure point, and opening the treasure point requires a certain amount of diamonds. Opening the treasure chest will obtain a large number of rare items and experience points, but the opening time is limited.

After entering the treasure exploration area, players will randomly encounter some special events, such as monster attacks or boss attacks. When entering the exploration area, players will see a scroll with three different pictures, each depicting three different colored cards. After clicking on a picture, a search process will appear. Players need to reach the location indicated by the scroll to start mining. Mining requires a lot of gold coins, and players will encounter various monsters.

During the exploration, players may encounter different enemies. If the player is defeated by the enemy, they will drop a lot of equipment, gems, and other materials. Players can also choose to skip this level and start searching for treasures again. If a player is injured by a monster during the exploration, they will drop a smaller amount of equipment, but if the player is killed by an enemy player, the dropped equipment will be reduced. When mining, players can also choose to take away their own mine cart, which will automatically follow the player and will not be attacked by other players.

After mining all the mining areas, players can go to the “Mystery Shop” to purchase equipment. The equipment sold in the Mystery Shop is random, but the quality is randomly generated, so players can buy many equipment they need in the Mystery Shop. However, the items in the Mystery Shop are randomly refreshed, so players need to pay attention to their luck to avoid being robbed!

The “Legend World web version” treasure hunting strategy has been shared. Interested players can go and experience it now!

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