Master the Wonderful Strategy Skills of the Insightful Eye and Counterattack the Game Master! (Break the traditional gameplay and open a new chapter of insight!)

Master the wonderful strategy skills of the insightful eye and counterattack th

Master the wonderful strategy skills of the insightful eye and counterattack the game master! (Break the traditional gameplay and open a new chapter of insight!) The Insightful Eye is the first action-adventure game in China based on geographical location. The game was officially tested on July 14, 2018. The gameplay of this game is quite different from the previous “Onmyoji”. There are many interesting elements in the game, what surprises and experiences will these elements bring to players? Let’s find out below!

In the newly released game “Dream Space Station” of the Insightful Eye, there are two big icons on the game interface. One is “Exploration” and the other is “Abyss”. In the process of exploration, you can obtain various props such as treasure chests and keys; the abyss is to challenge the boss, and after successfully defeating the boss, you can enter the abyss map. The abyss map is one of the scenes in “Shanhaijie: Myth Legend” and “Dark Age”.

The abyss of the insightful eye is to challenge the boss, and after successfully challenging, you can enter the abyss map. The abyss map *** has three areas: main storyline, elite levels, and event levels, and each big map has three difficulty levels for us to choose. The treasures and rewards in the abyss map are fixed, but the rewards are different. Therefore, when playing the game, players must reasonably match equipment and lineup according to their own strength, and should not only focus on defeating the boss and neglect the treasure rewards.

The rewards in the abyss of the insightful eye are also quite generous. In addition to treasures, there are also some rare item rewards. For example, gold coins, experience points, etc. The rewards in the abyss mode are the most abundant, including a large number of diamonds, precious hero fragments, advanced pets, etc. The rewards in the abyss will increase with the increase of the number of levels.

Of course, in addition to the above two types of rewards, the monsters in the abyss mode can also be challenged. Defeating them can obtain corresponding level treasure chests and key rewards. These rewards are generally easier to obtain. Among them are various items, such as character fragments, skill books, weapon fragments, and awakening potions. And the abyss can also drop various strange things, such as magic wind coat, costumes, expressions, etc.

The above is the relevant content of the insightful eye brought to you today.

Break the traditional gameplay and open a new chapter of insight!

Break the traditional gameplay and open a new chapter of insight! In “Insightful Eye”, there are many different types of worldviews, characters, and skills. Each world has its own unique characteristics. In order to let players have a deeper understanding of the game’s worldview and gameplay, we will soon start a new “Insightful Journey”.

[Story Introduction]

Bao, the new controller from another world, will lead the souls of all explorers into a new world and begin to explore the truth and secrets of this world. Bahamut Continent is the oldest place of human civilization and the center of the entire Ailand continent. The new controller brings his own power of faith to a mysterious kingdom-Ares Island.

There are various races and creatures with different abilities on the Bahamut Continent: Black Dragon and Demon, they are called God King, Great Demon King, Dark Elves, Phantom Ghosts, Thunder Judgmenters, and so on. These powerful creatures have incredible power, they will bring disasters to humans with their unique powers, and they will also use their unique powerful powers to help those unbeatable enemies… but what are these powers?

[Open-ended Free Adventure]

“Insightful Road” is an open-ended free exploration mode. In the process of exploration, you can not only obtain various equipment and weapons, but also experience different combat fun in the adventure. “Insightful Road” can obtain various resources and items in the exploration process, and can also obtain exploration treasure chest rewards. In addition, you can unlock new areas during the adventure, and the exploration degree of the area will increase according to the degree of exploration.

[Diverse Dungeon Challenges]

In addition to the rich exploration content, “Insightful Eye” also sets some special challenge levels, in which you can freely choose to enter or fail. During the exploration process, you can challenge the bosses in various areas. After the battle, you can also obtain rich rewards, and harvest precious currency and materials from them. In addition, you can get exclusive avatar frames and costumes~

[Unique Innovative Gameplay]

Many of the special gameplay in “Insightful Eye” are different from conventional exploration modes. The innovative gameplay of “Insightful Eye” includes many classic gameplay elements such as adventure and missions. In addition, players will trigger some wonderful events during the exploration process, and even achieve special achievements. These achievements can not only obtain a large amount of gold coins and experience points, but also additional rewards and titles!

The exploration in “Insightful Eye” is no different from traditional exploration modes. It is more like a strategic mobile game. You only need to choose the area you want to explore to reap a lot of rewards, and gain corresponding points to exchange scarce items in the store!

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