Master the Abyss Lord’s lethal equipment strategy! (Break the norm and create a unique Abyss Lord build!)

Master the Abyss Lord\’s lethal equipment strategy! (Break the norm and create a

Master the Abyss Lord’s lethal equipment strategy! (Break the norm and create a unique Abyss Lord build!) The Abyss Lord’s lethal equipment strategy! Master the Abyss Lord’s lethal equipment strategy! (Break the norm and create a unique Abyss Lord build!)

Equipment is one of the key factors determining whether a player can win in “Abyss Lord”. In the game, each piece of equipment has its exclusive attribute bonuses and passive skills, and different equipment also have different passive effects. In battle, we can choose suitable equipment based on the enemy’s attack or defense. Of course, if the enemy is a physical damage dealer, we can also replace some physical damage equipment.

The equipment system is one of the core gameplay elements in “Abyss Lord”. Its main core is the improvement of equipment level, the enhancement of equipment attributes, and the unlocking of equipment affixes. These systems will improve the equipment fundamentally, while also changing the quality and parts of the equipment.

In “Abyss Lord”, equipment quality is divided into white (common), green (rare), and blue (epic). The higher the quality, the stronger the base values and skill values of the equipment. Therefore, before the battle, we need to first understand the basic information of the equipment and match a set of reasonable lineup configurations based on the base values and passive effects.

In “Abyss Lord”, equipment is divided into three types: helmets, armor, shoes, and accessories. Among them, the quality of helmets, armor, and shoes increases in order. The higher the quality of the equipment, the stronger the base attributes and passive abilities. As for accessories, improving their quality requires synthesizing equipment fragments, but obtaining accessory fragments is relatively simple.

In addition to regular equipment, “Abyss Lord” also has a special item called the Abyssal Heart. There are many types of equipment in “Abyss Lord”, but the equipment attributes and passive effects of each set of equipment are different. For example, one piece of accessory has 2 passive skills, and both of them stack independently; another piece of accessory has 4 passive skills, while another piece has 7 passive skills. The combination of the two will bring unexpected effects!

Above is the complete content about equipment in “Abyss Lord” compiled by the editor.

Break the norm and create a unique Abyss Lord build!

The Abyss Lord’s role is an assassin, so flexibility is needed in the build.

Regular build: Annihilation + Desolation + Fanatic Blade + Infinity Blade + Armor Penetration Bow/Bloodthirster.

Advanced build: Darkmoon + Requiem Scythe + Critical Boots + Death Dance + Infinity Blade/Armor Penetration Bow

This build is more suitable for jungle heroes. It provides a lot of attack speed bonus in the early game and decent sustain. In the mid game, Annihilation can be replaced with Wrathful Fury/Black Cleaver to increase attack power.

In the late game, players can switch to Death’s Hammer and Armor Penetration Bow. The passive skills of Death’s Hammer can increase attributes such as health, attack power, and cooldown reduction, and also improve lifesteal effect. The passive effect of Armor Penetration Bow is to deal additional damage to targets with health percentage lower than oneself.

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