Explore the Hidden Place of Peace Elite’s Treasure Beast! (The 2020 Beast Appears, Brave Battle, Glory is About to Be Crowned!)

Explore the Hidden Place of Peace Elite\’s Treasure Beast! (The 2020 Beast Appea

Explore the Hidden Place of Peace Elite’s Treasure Beast! (The 2020 Beast Appears, Brave Battle, Glory is About to Be Crowned!) The Treasure Beast’s Hidden Place of Peace Elite! It officially opens on February 15, 2021, at 10:00 AM. At that time, friends can go and search for it.

Firstly, after entering the game, you can see an option for “Map” in the bottom left corner. Click on it to open it and you can find the location of “Island-Treasure Beast” on the interface.

After entering the island, you can see three red icons on the left side, which are “Treasure Chest” and “New Year Goods”.

There is a red circle above the treasure chest, which indicates the location of the New Year Goods;

and below the New Year Goods is the location of the treasure chest. Inside, we can find a lucky bag. After opening it, we can obtain rewards such as supplies, airdrop equipment, and signal guns.

Of course, besides these treasure chests, there are many other resource points as well. For example, seaside houses, double-story buildings, three-story buildings, and rows of houses, etc.

Near the New Year Goods, you can find a big turtle, which can bring us a lot of material rewards, and it also has a special jet car skin.

There are also some yellow columns around the New Year Goods, which will provide players with some hints.

Then we come to the side of the big turtle, where we can find New Year Drinks, Level 3 Armor, medicine, and other items.

Then we come to the New Year Drinks, where we can see the Beast drinking alcohol and water, but at this time we shouldn’t move, just attack it.

When our weapons and equipment are ready, we can directly pick up the New Year Drinks, so we can get some advanced supplies.

The 2020 Beast Appears, Brave Battle, Glory is About to Be Crowned!

With the arrival of the Spring Festival holiday, many players are looking forward to what surprises this year’s New Year event will bring. The 2020 Beast appears, brave battle, glory is about to be crowned!

The new version “Gods Coming” of “Arena of Valor” has been launched on January 13, and this new version not only adds new bosses and mechanisms but also adds a new Year Beast boss battle gameplay!

Defeating the “Colorful Clouds” in the game can obtain exclusive titles and rewards; killing the Year Beast can obtain exclusive costumes, limited edition peripherals, and other rewards; and driving away the Year Beast can also obtain special treasure chest rewards, which have a chance to get rare “Golden Snake Scales” or other valuable props!

In addition to this, “God King’s Birth – Lucky Star” will also officially debut! At that time, all players can buy lucky bags in the store and randomly get rich rewards! At the same time, the Lucky Value will be reset every Monday to Thursday, so everyone needs to remember to log in to receive it on time!

In addition, the two major theme team dungeons, “Beast’s Birth” and “Fiery Earth”, will also be opened simultaneously! In this mode, players will face a new challenge – Year Beast Invasion gameplay. In this gameplay, players will fight against monsters from all over the world together with their teammates. After successfully completing the challenge, they will gain a large amount of experience, coins, and glory points.

In addition to the upgraded Year Beast boss, there are more exciting content waiting for adventurers to explore.

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