Explore the mysterious past of Brendhill! (Analyzing Brendhill’s powerful combat skills!)

Explore the mysterious past of Brendhill! (Analyzing Brendhill\’s powerful combat

Explore the mysterious past of Brendhill! (Analyzing Brendhill’s powerful combat skills!) Many friends may not be familiar with this, so let me introduce the mysterious past of Brendhill! (Analyzing Brendhill’s powerful combat skills!) Interested friends can come and find out!

Explore the mysterious past of Brendhill! (Analyzing Brendhill’s powerful combat skills!)

Story introduction:

This is a castle sealed in a lost kingdom. It used to be a huge secret base but is now occupied by a noble of a land without an owner.

To protect this country from external invasions, walls were built. However, when the walls were opened, a giant spider suddenly appeared. This giant spider is one of the guardians of Brendhill. It has eyes that can shoot lasers and magical arrows that can deal a deadly blow.

Players can use bows and arrows or throw weapons to attack and evade, and use traps, torches, and other mechanisms to destroy its defenses.

Analyzing Brendhill’s powerful combat skills!

In the game “Dragon Wars,” the hero Brendhill, as the only female hero, has skill settings that are similar to her character settings. In battle, because of her high agility, players can use techniques such as kiting to engage opponents.

1. Brendhill’s fighting style

Brendhill’s normal attack is a close-range attack, but the attack interval is short and has strong penetration, so when facing enemy charges, try not to use displacement or normal attacks to increase the distance.

2. Flashing

When Brendhill is chasing opponents, she can use the invincibility effect of the flash to dodge the target’s first wave of attacks, and also use it for displacement, making the enemy’s attacks ineffective.

3. Brendhill’s combat techniques

While attacking enemy heroes, Brendhill can also damage the opponent’s defense tower. Therefore, in the confrontation with opponents, Brendhill must constantly pay attention to the health of her defense tower, release skills in a timely manner to ensure her own safety, and maintain distance to avoid being attacked by enemy heroes. This is the key to winning!

4. Brendhill’s combat strategy

1. Brendhill’s skills are relatively complex, besides normal attacks, she has some skills that have dashing, control, and damage effects.

2. The casting of Brendhill’s skills requires some prediction, so when using skills, try to interrupt the opponent’s attack. Also, when the distance between Brendhill and the opponent is far, try to avoid getting too close, as it can easily lead to fatal depletion.

3. When chasing enemy forces, Brendhill can use flash based on the attack range and distance of the enemy hero to achieve escape. At the same time, she can also use flash and displacement to escape.

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