Explore Unknown Seas! The Voyage on the Sea Mobile Game Welcomes Mysterious Crystal Warships! (Intense Naval Battle! The Voyage on the Sea Mobile Game’s New Expansion Shocks Online!)

Explore unknown seas! The Voyage on the Sea mobile game welcomes mysterious cry

Explore unknown seas! The Voyage on the Sea mobile game welcomes mysterious crystal warships! (Intense naval battle! The Voyage on the Sea mobile game’s new expansion shocks online!) The mobile game “The Voyage on the Sea” has announced the arrival of a new expansion called “Intense Seas”. It will simultaneously launch new main quests, limited-time events, cross-server gameplay “Dark Akaran City”, new world bosses, and other exciting content. This update will introduce new ships and new gameplay, bringing back the classic voyage story!

On a mysterious night of sinking, a giant crystal warship roams the ocean without restraint—it has a noble armored shiphead named “Titanic”, whose cannons possess devil-like power that even the moon in the sky cannot shake. “Titanic” was once one of Sir John Bravatz’s legions, and because of his strong combat abilities, this powerful weapon was often seen at sea. But upon discovering his own strength, he couldn’t help but marvel: this artifact is not wasted in the abyssal seas…

In order to allow players to more intuitively experience the game’s world atmosphere, “The Voyage on the Sea” will officially launch a new mainline storyline called “Dark Akaran City” this Thursday; at the same time, the new dungeon “Dark Akaran City” will also make its debut. During the adventure journey, players can not only obtain rare equipment but also unlock more interesting events.

Intense Naval Battle! The Voyage on the Sea mobile game’s new expansion shocks online!

In the upcoming new expansion “Intense Naval Battle” of “The Voyage on the Sea” mobile game, players will experience a brand new ship battle mode, new dungeon exploration, and sea domination gameplay! In addition, there are more new content waiting for you to unlock.

New Expansion: Shocking Release

[Event Time]: September 15th ~ October 11th

[Participation Method]: Enter through the time-limited entrance on the right side of the game

[Gameplay Introduction]: This system provides players with a new free match system, where players can set the order of appearance and participate in matches. In the game, each player can choose three companions as the expedition lineup.

Players can freely adjust the attributes and skills of the characters on the battlefield according to their preferences and the needs of the battlefield, and launch strategic attacks with different combinations.

In addition to PvP, “The Voyage on the Sea” will also launch large-scale cross-server naval battles on some servers, allowing guilds from all platforms to work together to seize resources. In this expansion of “The Voyage on the Sea”, a new gameplay called “Exploration” has been added, allowing all participants to gain massive experience and gold rewards; the newly added special events will also bring more fun to all captains.

[Event Overview]

1. Open Sea Exploration

Players can explore various seas, where they not only can obtain massive resource rewards but also acquire exclusive ship equipment! At the same time, during exploration, new sea treasures, new dungeons, and other contents will be unlocked, and there are rare items waiting for everyone!

2. Pirate Invasion

During the adventure, players will encounter various pirate invasions. These pirates will launch attacks on other sailing routes, and killing them will yield a large amount of resources.


1. Players can participate in pirate invasions three times a day. During the time slots of 12:00-13:00 and 18:00-20:00, participation will yield double rewards.

2. Participating in island invasion activities for the first three times each day can earn generous mission rewards. The more activities you participate in, the richer the rewards!

3. There will also be pirate bosses stationed in the seas, and players need to defeat the pirate bosses to obtain a large amount of crew experience and precious equipment!

4. “Mystery Shop”

Players can exchange various precious items, including “Mithril”, “Royal Medals”, “Marks of the Gods”, and “Advanced Sailor Enhancement Stones” at the Mystery Shop.

5. “Legion”

Players can earn contribution points by completing legion tasks. When personal contribution points reach a certain value, they can level up the legion, receive corresponding achievements, and obtain legion funds.

6. “World Map”

“The Voyage on the Sea” mobile game will release a teaser for the world map soon. At that time, the game’s official website, forums, Weibo, and WeChat will announce the latest information and updates. Please stay tuned!

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