The Mysteries of 4399 The King of Fighters – Once the Hottest Arcade Fighting Game, Where Is It Now? (Saying Goodbye to King of Fighters? 4399’s New Breakthrough in Card Games)

The action fighting online game \”The King of Fighters\” and \”Street Fighter\”, pu

The action fighting online game “The King of Fighters” and “Street Fighter”, published by Beike Games, are Tencent’s first officially authorized games. They were officially launched on July 20th to the anticipation of players worldwide. Where is the game now? Let’s uncover the mysteries together!The classic IP mobile game that was once abused by Red-haired has bid farewell. “Street Fighter”, as a popular old-school online game, has always had a high popularity. “The King of Fighters” (tentatively translated as KOF) is one of them. Its producer named it after “Naruto”, and then continuously improved its world view through adaptation and storyline.Now it is in the process of entering the Chinese market, and a large number of fans have flocked to the game to experience this world-class cartoon-style ARPG mobile game. At the same time, many loyal users have expressed that although it is a very high-quality web game, “Candy Crush”, “Dragon Nest”, “Battle Hymn of Blood” (etc.), all have high reputations.But recently, the game has undergone several adjustments, and some bugs and features in the game have been completely eliminated. For example, in the previous version, players could only see some animated character portraits, skill effects, and character designs. In the new update, a new gameplay called “Prop Battle System” was introduced, allowing players to experience various combat methods and collect various types of equipment. In the upcoming new expansion, in addition to adding a brand new weapon system, many new contents will be added.In addition, “Candy Crush” has also caused trouble for many players. Because there are too many map scene designs and the character’s image and skill effects are very dazzling, the background music and sound effects of the map scene will undergo huge changes after the new update. These changes make the original scenes more vivid and vivid.The game is still in the testing phase, so the recharge function has not been opened temporarily. But as everyone’s level increases, there will be more paid content, more powerful characters, and rich rewards for you to choose from in the game. This also means that we can enjoy unique fun.Saying Goodbye to King of Fighters? 4399’s New Breakthrough in Card GamesRecently, Tencent has released more and more mobile games in the “card” game genre. This includes “Honor of Kings”, “Fighter Hero”, and many other similar products. Even some popular IPs have achieved great success in these game genres.For example, the popular arcade game King of Fighters, has already made countless players feel defeated while playing. What surprises will it bring this time? Although it is currently just a small attempt, it seems to want players to reacquaint themselves with this generation’s classic IP.Previously, “League of Legends” (abbreviated as LOL) has always won the love of many fans with its outstanding achievements. Now, with the release of the mobile version of “LOL” and various adaptations, it is believed that it will soon receive a warm welcome from everyone!In addition, “World of Warcraft”, “Hearthstone”, “Legend of Blood”, “Dragon Nest”, “Diablo: Resurrection”, “Dota”, and many other popular mobile games have appeared on the mobile platform. For example, “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (abbreviated as PUBG), “King of Fighters” (English name: The Game of Kings), and many more.And in February of this year, “Contra: Siege” (Chinese version called KOF2019): “Sword of Xianxia”, “Ultimate Shura”, “Ladder Battle”, “Transcendence Warriors”, “Infinite Money Coins”, “Endless Trials”.Recently, a game produced by the famous Japanese animation brand Koei Tecmo, officially launched on Android and iOS platforms in 2016 (PS4, Switch, and PC versions). This is a 3D side-scrolling action fighting online game based on a physics engine, with gorgeous and smooth combat feeling, and supports real-time PK battles. The developer of this game is FMVP team, which is also the most anticipated and most watched mobile game in China, and one of the earliest online multiplayer game platforms in China.

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