Unveiling the Strongest Myths in the Naruto Power Rankings! (Surpass the Naruto Power Rankings, Master the Invincible Cheats!),

Unveiling the Strongest Myths in the Naruto Power Rankings! (Surpass the Naruto

Unveiling the Strongest Myths in the Naruto Power Rankings! (Surpass the Naruto Power Rankings, Master the Invincible Cheats!) There are many powerful ninjas in the Naruto mobile game, so how strong are they? Today, the editor will introduce to you those powerful ninjas.

T0: Naruto Uzumaki [Fourth Raikage], Orochimaru, Uchiha Itachi, Haruno Sakura [Three Tails];

T1: Uchiha Sasuke [Shippuden] (B-level), Deidara, Karui, Shamon Yūjiro, Jiraiya;

T2: Gaara (C-level), Konan, Tobi, Rock Lee;

Above are the rankings of all characters, but the editor still recommends that players choose their favorite character!

Surpass the Naruto Power Rankings, Master the Invincible Cheats!

The game system of “Surpassing Naruto” is very well-developed. In addition to the traditional card games, there is also a particularly fun aspect – Ninjutsu Fighting. The overall combat style of the game is similar to Naruto, but the difference is that each ninja has their own characteristics. Players need to master various secret techniques and skills in battles. Today, the editor will talk about the ranking of the strongest ninjas!

First of all, I want to explain that in the game, ninjas are divided into three grades: C, B, and A. C-grade is the rarest, A-grade is the best, B-grade is the worst, and A-grade is the lowest!

So in this “Super Naruto” mobile game, which ninja is the strongest?

Actually, it’s very simple! In the anime, strength is beyond doubt. Because it has outstanding performance in the manga. So, in the anime, many people think that this hero is the strongest, but the editor still wants to say: You are trustworthy, but you are worthy of cultivation. So, let me introduce to you those friends who have performed well in the anime.

[First Place] Shōwa [Sharingan], a female ninja from Konoha Village

Sasuke is also a very powerful character in the animation, in the hearts of Naruto fans, he is a quite powerful man. His skills and damage are very high, and he also has a certain ability to attract enemies. In the game, Sasuke’s skills not only have high damage, but also can pull opponents to him. And Sasuke’s secret technique is extremely powerful, whether it’s leveling or PK, he can be used in any scene.

[Second Place] Gaara [Shippuden], Naruto’s sister

Gaara is Naruto’s brother and also a good choice in the anime! Naruto is a character with relatively high attack power, and his skills have considerable damage. In the game, Gaara’s secret technique is also very powerful. In battle, Gaara’s secret technique is not very strong, but when combined, it can have a great effect. And Gaara’s basic attack skill also has a high damage, as long as it is matched with good equipment, it can cause very explosive damage!

[Third Place] Uchiha Itachi [White Mask Man], a member of the Akatsuki organization

Uchiha Itachi is an important member of the Akatsuki organization in the Naruto world. Compared with other ninjas, he has a wider attack range and stronger attack power; at the same time, his skill damage is higher than normal S-level Sasuke. In battle, Uchiha Itachi’s skill damage is also very high, especially when comboing, he can basically achieve infinite combos. And his skill cooldown time is also very short, whether it is defeating BOSS or PK, it is very useful!

[Fourth Place] Sasori [Katsuyu]

Sasori is a defensive ninja in the anime. In the Land of Fire, he is known as the “Snake God”. Compared with other ninjas, he does not have obvious advantages. But he has very high attack power and can directly cripple or even kill opponents during attacks.

[Fifth Place] Uzumaki Boruto, Naruto’s younger brother

The ultimate ninja is also an important part of the game. He not only has amazing attack power, but also has very terrifying control skills. In the game, Uchiha Itachi, as an A-level ninja, has very high skill damage, and can also control the enemy. And when his secret technique is released, it

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