Unveiling the Strongest Lineup for the PC Version of Fun Fighter Journey 2, Creating a New Experience! (Rediscover the classic! Powerful lineup building tips for the PC version of Fun Fighter Journey 2!)

Unveiling the strongest lineup for the PC version of Fun Fighter Journey 2, cre

Unveiling the strongest lineup for the PC version of Fun Fighter Journey 2, creating a new experience! (Rediscover the classic! Powerful lineup building tips for the PC version of Fun Fighter Journey 2!) The PC version of “Fun Fighter Journey 2” has always been one of the favorite systems for players. In the game, many players want to experience richer content and more exciting gameplay on the computer. Today, I will share with you an article about how to play the mobile game “Fun Fighter Journey 2” with an emulator, and introduce some tips.

I. What is “Auto Chess” by NetEase?

“Fun Fighter Journey 2” is a role-playing mobile game operated by Shanghai ZQ Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. The game started closed beta testing on March 23, 2015. Its predecessor is the classic single-player games “Chinese Paladin” and “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”. It has now officially launched on iOS platform and opened dual-end testing on Android. As NetEase’s first self-developed action MOBA RPG masterpiece, “Fun Fighter Journey 2” has a powerful combat system and diverse hero combinations, bringing players into a world full of strategy, gamble, and wisdom, allowing every player to experience not just fingertip operations, but real-time online battles!

II. How to play the mobile game “Fun Fighter Journey 2”

1. How to play on the computer?

Answer: To play the game on the computer, you need to install an Android emulator on your phone first to achieve computer gaming experience.

2. How to play this game with a mobile emulator?

Answer: First, we need to download the NetEase “Perfect Assistant” application software on your phone, and then download and install it!

III. Introduction to Game Features:

– “Fun Fighter Journey 2” adopts panoramic rendering technology, striving to create a brand-new Three Kingdoms world with extreme immersion.

– “Fun Fighter Journey 2” is adapted from well-known IP with genuine authorization, supporting large-scale PvP.

– “Fun Fighter Journey 2” features an original unlock-free combat mode, with real-time strategy that truly allows for hands-on control, kiting positions, no dead angles, and refreshing gameplay, fully enjoying the ultimate battle fun.

Rediscover the classic! Powerful lineup building tips for the PC version of Fun Fighter Journey 2!

Since its launch, “Fun Fighter Journey 2” has been enthusiastically received by players. But one day, many players found it difficult to match lineups in the game and didn’t know how to do it. So they wanted to use a computer emulator to experience this powerful Fun Fighter Journey. They then researched a method for quickly building lineups.

I. Computer lineup selection

1. Android Emulator: Search for “360 Mobile Game Assistant” on Baidu. After downloading, install it directly.

2. iOS Emulator: Click to enter the software park, search for “NetEase Wilderness Action” in the app store, and download it.

3. After installing on the computer, open the “World Martial Arts” app, and then click the “Add New Server” button in the bottom right corner to see “PC Version” in the list.

4. After entering the Fun Fighter Journey client, click the “+” button in the lower-left corner of the screen to open “My Team”.

5. In the “My Team” interface, find the lineup you want to match, click the “Recommended Configuration” button on the right, and then click “OK” to start your lineup match.

6. In “My Lineup”, select the heroes you need to match and click the “Configuration Plan” button in the upper right corner.

7. Then select a hero to join, and a “Configuration Requirement” will appear on the right side of the lineup. Click the configuration button to allocate points to the hero based on the number of heroes you need. For example, if you need 4 heroes, you need 4 heroes, and you need 4 mages and 1 support.

8. Finally, in the “Configuration Completed” interface, replace all the heroes in the lineup with the equipment and scriptures you need.

9. Click save, and the system will automatically save your heroes.

II. The “Unparalleled Lineup” gameplay has been fully launched:

– [Five Elements Mountain Battle Mode]: Players compete in battles at the Five Elements Mountain.

– [Campfire Night Talk Mode]: In the campfire night talk mode, players need to adjust their own positioning, control the timing of skill release, hero positioning, and more based on the situation on the field.

– [Ranking Match Mode]: In the ranking match, players need to arrange their own positions reasonably based on the positions of the heroes on both sides in order to achieve the final victory.

– [Fairy Demon Bounty]: Players can obtain a large number of gold coins, experience, and hero elemental souls in the fairy demon bounty.

– [Naihe Bridge Battle Mode]: Players can obtain ingots, experience, and equipment rewards in the Naihe Bridge battle.

– [Naihe Bridge Battle]: In the Naihe Bridge battle mode, players need to choose heroes and scriptures that counter the opponent’s situation in order to win the final victory.

– [The Ninth Heaven Cloud Dragon Palace]: Players can obtain a large amount of silver, experience, and golden pellet rewards in the Ninth Heaven Cloud Dragon Palace, as well as a large number of hero souls, golden spirit stones, and scripture fragments.

IV. Introduction to how to use a computer emulator:

1. When running the emulator on a computer, select the “General” function in the upper right setting options.

2. Select the emulator to run,

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