Unveiling the Mysterious Identity of Genshin Impact’s Bow “Suyun”! (Where to Obtain Ganyu’s Handbook? Detailed Guide to Suyun!)

Unveiling the mysterious identity of Genshin Impact\’s bow \”Suyun\”! (Where to ob

Unveiling the mysterious identity of Genshin Impact’s bowSuyun”! (Where to obtain Ganyu’s handbook? Detailed guide to Suyun!) There are many hidden quests in the game, and one of them is called “Find the Slime”. Many players do not know how to trigger this hidden quest. Let’s take a look together with the editor!

First, players need to find the small forest shown on the map, then enter the depths of the forest, where they will see a large windmill. On the platform at the top of the windmill, there is a stone statue. Players can use the Geo element to activate the stone statue.

On the left side of the stone statue’s wall, players can find a chest that contains clues to Ganyu’s handbook. Then, players can directly use Ganyu’s Elemental Skill (E) to detonate the stone statue, and obtain a four-star weapon called “Sacrificial SwordFragments”.

Afterwards, using this four-star weapon, players can obtain the hidden achievement “Mining Master”.

Finally, using the Song of Pearls will allow players to obtain hidden treasures.

Summary: To uncover the secret of the pillar, players need to complete tasks in the game and find it inside a cave on the cliff. Inside the cave, there will be a member of the Treasure Hoarders. After defeating him, players can obtain the four-star weapon “Sacrificial Sword – Fragments” and proceed to unlock the hidden quest.

Where to Obtain Ganyu’s Handbook? Detailed Guide to Suyun!

In the game Ganyu’s Handbook, in order to unlock Suyun’s storyline, players need to first unlock all her clues. So, where can Suyun be obtained? Let’s take a look together with the editor!

Ways to obtain:

1. First, search for “Ganyu” in the app store and click “Download Now” to be redirected to the Apple version page.

2. Click on the “My” option in the bottom right corner of the game and you will see “Collections”.

3. Find the Rock Catalog and click on “Collections”.

4. Find the scroll icon on the right side of the Stone Mountain map and click “Read” to read the story and obtain fragments. Collect 20 fragments to unlock Pillarwood Root.

5. Pillarwood Root can be obtained in the Pillar Forest (hidden stage). It will be automatically unlocked after completing all the tasks in Chapter 15.


1. The Rock Catalog needs to be purchased with gold coins.

2. Players need to collect enough materials to synthesize the fragments.

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