Uncovering the Unique Game Operation Skills of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015! (Master the new full-action instructions of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, invincibly defeat opponents!)

Uncovering the unique game operation skills of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015! (Mast

Uncovering the unique game operation skills of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015! (Master the new full-action instructions of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, invincibly defeat opponents!) Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is one of the most anticipated games of the year. In this mobile game, players can not only experience classic gameplay and realism but also bring new operation skills!

1. Game Interface Settings

After clicking the “Start” button, players can see the game interface and screen. The game interface also displays the game’s control methods and basic information:

Above the screen: the left side controls player movement and passing; the right side controls player direction; below is the control for player shooting direction; below is the button for switching between defensive players and organizing defenders.

Clicking on the “Select Player” in the bottom left corner, players can enter the editing interface:

Players can freely adjust formations according to personal preferences. Players can set offensive formations and defensive formations through the settings interface to set offensive strategies and defensive tactics. At the same time, players can also change the formation positions by clicking the “Change Lineup” button in the lower right corner. The current lineup is in the lower right corner, and players can click the “Adjust” button in the lineup interface to change the formation. The “Auto Switch” function has also been enabled, and players can switch formations by clicking the auto switch button.

Clicking on the “All Settings” function will enter the global settings interface, where players can view all settings. Buttons that have completed the settings will be displayed in gray. Players can see all their operation plans in the “All Settings” option.

2. Operation Methods and Details of Global Settings

1. After selecting a target, the system will automatically select the participating team as the main controller of the team. Players can command and operate this team, but this team cannot participate in any battles or events, so players need to arrange it carefully.

2. Clicking on any player will enter the player details panel. Players can view player attributes, skills, and training data in the player details page. Clicking the “All Settings” function will change the character’s avatar to yellow and indicate the current status.

3. When selecting a player, players need to spend a certain amount of gold coins, which will increase with the player’s level. Clicking the “All Settings” function, players can click the “All Settings” button in the lower right corner for all settings.

3. Details of Global Settings

In the game main menu, select “Global Settings”.

Clicking on the “Global Settings” icon in the upper right corner of the interface will open the operation panel. Players can adjust the current operation method. Players can view their commonly used instructions, detailed information, match data, records, and real-time records. They can also perform setting, saving, or deleting operation methods in it.

Master the new full-action instructions of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, invincibly defeat opponents!

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 has introduced a new set of full-action instructions, allowing players to trigger commands more accurately during matches. The full-action instructions in the game are also very distinctive, and players can use them to defeat opponents when facing enemies!

Let’s take a look: Pro Evolution Soccer 2014’s new “full-action instructions” have been fully upgraded, one-click release for stress-free operation!

Full-action instructions:

When you press the R1 button during an attack, the player will automatically perform a full-action instruction in the direction you want to pass, which means you can seamlessly connect passes.

Of course, this command has no time limit, and players can freely choose their preferred action release methods, such as forward passes for forwards, overhead passes for defenders, high crosses and shots for goalkeepers, etc.

In addition, players can use different types of skill balls according to different instructions to achieve various effects. For example, long passes, headers, and far corner free kicks can all be freely set.

In addition, the game has added more instructions that players can learn, and players can experience them in training mode~

Above is the new full-action instruction strategy and technique sharing of Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 brought to you by the editor today. I hope it will be helpful to you in the game. Download and try out more first-hand “Pro Evolution Soccer HD”, “Relight the World Cup”, and “Warm-up Matches” now!

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