Uncovering the Mysterious Power of Treasures in Dream Journey Mobile Game (Creating Invincible Equipment! Comprehensive Analysis of Types and Effects of Treasures)

Uncovering the Mysterious Power of Treasures in Dream Journey Mobile Game (Crea

Uncovering the Mysterious Power of Treasures in Dream Journey Mobile Game (Creating Invincible Equipment! Comprehensive Analysis of Types and Effects of Treasures) Dream Journey Mobile Game is a classic turn-based role-playing game that features a treasure system gameplay. So, how do you play the treasure system? How do you obtain treasures? What are the functions of treasures? Below, let’s take a detailed look at the introduction brought by the editor!

Detailed Explanation of the Treasure System in Dream Journey Mobile Game:

[Types of Treasures]

In Dream Journey Mobile Game, there are four types of treasures: Heavenly Book, Earth Fiend, Spirit Talisman, and Dragon Scale. Each type of treasure has its unique attributes and effects. Different treasures also have their exclusive special skills. For example, “Break the Cauldrons and Sink the Boats” can increase spell damage, “Pale Paper Man” can decrease the physical defense of the target, and “Tai Yin Yang Mirror” can increase character’s spell defense, etc.

Treasure Skills:

1. There are three treasure skills, namely Advanced Spell Fluctuation, Spell Crit, and Drive Away Ghosts. The effect of Advanced Spell Fluctuation is fixed, but Spell Link and Spell Burst will cause double effects.

2. Advanced Spell Crit and Drive Away Ghosts will double the probability of critical strike. The more treasure skills, the higher the chance of critical strike.

3. The trigger probability of Advanced Spell Fluctuation is 30%, while Drive Away Ghosts is 50%.

Types and Effects of Treasures in Dream Journey Mobile Game:

1. Treasures have four qualities: blue, purple, gold, and orange. The higher the quality, the better the attributes of the treasures.

2. The additional effects of treasures are also different. For example, “Blood-breaking Rampage” has a chance to cause the target unit to bleed; “Demon-Subduing Cloak” can reduce spell defense, and “Water-clearing Decree” can increase the hit rate.

3. Advanced Spell Fluctuation can cause a chance of poisoning the target when critical strike occurs, while “Demon-Subduing Cloak” will reduce physical defense, and “Water-clearing Decree” will remove abnormal statuses for all members of your own side; “Demon-Subduing Cloak” will increase self-speed and increase speed BUFF.

4. Advanced Spell Fluctuation is effective for both pets and summoned beasts.

5. Treasure skills can be learned and upgraded.

Types and Effects of Treasures:

From the above figure, we can see that the bonus of treasure skills to characters and summoned beasts is the highest. Therefore, if players want to build top-quality treasures, they must prioritize high-quality treasures.

Creating Invincible Equipment! Comprehensive Analysis of Types and Effects of Treasures

Treasures are the most distinctive part of the “Equipment” series of games. Treasures not only bring powerful combat power but also have special effects, such as increasing defense, reducing skill cooldown time, etc., which have a significant impact on the player’s battle situation! Now let’s give you a detailed introduction to the treasure system and types and effects of treasures in “Equipment”.

[Basic Attributes]

There are five types of treasures: Attack, Survival, Defense. In the treasure interface, you can clearly see the attributes and skill effects of each treasure.

Attack: Increase the character’s base attack value and base defense value;

Survival: Increase the character’s maximum health, base health value;

Defense: Reduce the damage received by the character, and reduce the damage taken when attacked.

[Types and Effects of Treasures]

1. Basic Attributes: The basic attributes of treasures include Attack Power, Base Defense, Attack Speed, Health, and Mana.

2. Special Effects:

1. Attack Type: +2% Attack Power

2. Defense Type: +2% Defense

3. Health Type: +1% Health

4. Mana Type: +1% Mana

5. Critical Strike Damage: +2%

6. Hit Rate: +2%

7. Evasion Rate: +2%

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