Unveiling the Unique Charm of Cloud Fei Yang in Shenwu 3! (Cloud Fei Yang character design, perfect beauty in every way!)

Unveiling the unique charm of Cloud Fei Yang in Shenwu 3! (Cloud Fei Yang chara

Unveiling the unique charm of Cloud Fei Yang in Shenwu 3! (Cloud Fei Yang character design, perfect beauty in every way!) In the world of Shenwu 2, character designs have always been popular among players. Although they may not have distinctive features like other characters, they possess their own unique charm and strengths. Let us now explore these distinctive charms and features!

The image design of “Cloud Fei Yang” is a perfect display of beauty in every way! (Heavenly Realm, Fantasy Westward Journey mobile game)

Dressed in flowing white clothes, holding a golden hoop staff, with a pair of large wings fluttering in the wind. As one of the high-value and ethereal pets, his appearance is naturally very handsome~

Cloud Fei Yang’s skill “Sword Sweeps the Four Seas” can increase his own attack and defense power by 30%. “Dragon Twister Lightning” deals three consecutive physical attacks to a single enemy target, causing damage equivalent to the attacker’s level multiplied by 5 points of magic damage each time. “Moonlight Treasure Box” can remove the sealing effect on allies when used. Additionally, skills such as “Triple Attack,” “Unrivaled Break,” and “Nimble Nine Heavens” will also add a certain percentage of additional damage results. During battles, when you bring these four companions into battle, you will also gain additional attribute enhancements:

1. Increases HP, spell defense, and speed by 10%.

2. Increases damage of “Furious Crown” and “Swift Steps” skills by an additional 20%.

3. Increases critical strike chance, evasion chance, and deadly strike chance by 30%.

Cloud Fei Yang character design, perfect beauty in every way!

Cloud Fei Yang is a character in the game “Xianjian Qixia Zhuan”. He is a handsome, mighty, and free-spirited young man. In the game’s setting, he is portrayed as a handsome and domineering prince, and the game design perfectly showcases his flawless beauty.

【Cloud Fei Yang】

As a handsome hero, Cloud Fei Yang has outstanding looks and temperament. Although he may not be one of the most talked-about male gods, he is still loved by many fans as a popular star. In terms of his appearance, his red outfit paired with a white skirt gives off a gentle feeling. Additionally, his skills mainly focus on support, as he can not only heal himself but also assist teammates in healing. He is indeed an excellent hero character!

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