Unveiling the Desperate Detective Group: The New Reasoning Process of Ace Attorney 3 (Beyond Justice Defense: Ace Attorney 3 Full Story Analysis)

Unveiling the Desperate Detective Group: The New Reasoning Process of Ace Attorn

Unveiling the Desperate Detective Group: The New Reasoning Process of Ace Attorney 3 (Beyond Justice Defense: Ace Criminal 3) Full Story Analysis. This game is based on the classic “First Generation”. As a classic work, what roles will the protagonist of “Second Generation” – Elizabeth I and her daughter Amelia play in the story? Below, the editor will introduce the unique gameplay and features of this mobile game in detail.

New script, new scenes, brand new cases. New chapters, a secret about the real culprit and evil people, as well as some hidden elements waiting for players to discover.

1. New character: Ilia, female court president.

2. Closing evidence: [Silver ring], [Gold crown jewelry set], head decoration.

3. Clue analysis: darkness and fear.

4. Puzzle analysis.

5. Truth analysis.

6. Item analysis.

7. Question answering.

8. Answer selection.

1. Male protagonist: Do you think I’m a bad person? Do you think he’s a good person?

2. Girl: Your sister, do you think she’s a fake?

3. Man: This woman, do you think she killed someone for me? Do you think she killed herself?

4. Female character: What kind of person do you like? I think it’s a human!

Above is the content of the unveiling of the Desperate Detective Group: The New Reasoning Process of Ace Attorney 3. I hope it can help everyone!

Beyond Justice Defense: Ace Attorney 3 Full Story Analysis

“Beyond Justice Defense: Ace Attorney 3” is a puzzle game with a detective theme. Players will choose a suspect from a case for investigation. Now I will bring you the full story analysis of “Beyond Justice Defense: Ace Attorney 3”!

In this game, as a first-person shooter, you will play the role of a judge in the courtroom, Morderer and Malkov. Through conversations with Maxwell, Franciswit, and others, you need to understand their relationships. At the same time, the game provides multiple endings, including “fiancée”, “groom”, and “partner” (male protagonist). What can you see from these endings?

1. The story takes place in a place called “Minghu”. There are many confusing things here.

2. When a letter is delivered, he finds that he is already dead.

3. He found that he was killed after he died accidentally.

4. This world is full of unknowns, but there is nothing terrible about it. He wants to find out about his own life and love and hate.

5. At this time, his heart is constantly changing.

6. He wants to become a true lawyer (of course not a lawyer) and find evidence that can save the world. He must find everyone who knows his true identity.

7. And all of this is the process of him beginning to explore the truth. He must find out the truth through various clues and help them find the real culprit in order to escape from this place.

8. In a secret investigation, you encountered a man named Evelyn, and someone swore in front of him that as long as there are enough keys, the door can be opened.

9. And now what you need to do is to find all the clues, solve some key questions, survive to the end, and find that monster.

10. And you will face a young girl, Elisa Akara, who is a trained genius scientist. Under her guidance, she learned new knowledge.

11. Elisa disappeared after the first contact for some reason, and later she joined the Holy Order and learned magic at the Magic Academy.

12. She was forced to leave the capital and live with Granjee. She is acting alone in the imperial city.

13. He came to the Robin Hood market, where he found the exiled man.

14. He came to the William Mansion, where he met his first friend.

15. He decided to return to his hometown – Norton Village, where the residents seemed very interested in him.

16. But he regarded this as another guy of his…

17. However, he did not want to give up his ideals, but chose to continue living.

18. However, when he heard a voice suddenly rise in gravity at night, he felt very dangerous, and felt that he should protect Maria like that and then leave this world, he would see her again, and he would use his fists to fly him.

19. So, Elisa came to the Gulf Border, where he met Lin Bornek Daane and Berifina Hardin.

20. Elisa and Berifina came to the same continent,

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