Unlocking the Seven Secrets of Obtaining Professional Mounts! (Conquer World of Warcraft – Full Analysis of Professional Mount Acquisition Requirements!),

Unlocking the Seven Secrets of Obtaining Professional Mounts! (Conquer World of

Unlocking the Seven Secrets of Obtaining Professional Mounts! (Conquer World of Warcraft – Full Analysis of Professional Mount Acquisition Requirements!) Unlocking the Seven Secrets of Obtaining Professional Mounts! Full Analysis of Professional Mount Acquisition Requirements! (Click to enter) Many players may not be clear about this aspect, so let me introduce the seven secrets of obtaining professional mounts and analyze the requirements for professional mount acquisition! (Click to enter) Interested players can come and learn!

The condition for obtaining professional mounts is that players must reach level 80. So how can players obtain professional mounts in the game? In fact, the method is very simple. Players can summon mounts by killing monsters or other NPCs, thereby obtaining the corresponding mounts.

Currently in “World of Warcraft” (English name: The Wraven’s Dota) world, the summoning condition for mounts is that players must reach level 80 and complete the relevant main storyline.

The ways to obtain mounts are as follows:

1. Drop from defeating the Blackwing Chieftain in Blackwing Lair.

2. Obtained from a chest in the Black Throne.

3. Drop from Blackrock Depths, Molten Core, or Orgrimmar.

4. Drop from Springs of the Goblin, Frost Fortress, Wintergrasp Fortress, or Flame Valley.

5. Purchase from the Blizzard Carnival Event Shop.

6. A chance to obtain directly from dungeon adventures and Warsong Gorge treasure chests.

7. Obtain from Hero’s Road treasure chests.

Attribute bonuses of professional mounts:

1. Mount attribute bonuses include health, mana, and movement speed.

2. Mount skills can affect the player’s character (including healing effects and movement).

3. Mounts can provide various ability bonuses to characters.

4. Mount skills need to be manually activated and do not require rage points.

Above are all the contents of this guide, hope it can help you.

Conquer World of Warcraft – Full Analysis of Professional Mount Acquisition Requirements!

In the game “Conquer World of Warcraft,” mounts and equipment are very important, especially for improving players’ combat power in the later stages. Mounts and equipment are indispensable. To obtain these items, players must first complete the corresponding tasks. Below, I will bring you the ways to obtain professional mounts and the methods of obtaining mount equipment.

[Mount Acquisition]

The mount system opens when players reach a certain level. Players can get many rewards in the game, including a large number of gold coins and experience. The higher the mount’s level, the more gold coins and experience players will receive. After the mount’s level reaches level 30 or above, players can also purchase cooler and higher-level mounts from mount merchants.

After reaching level 20, players can unlock the mount merchant and knight officer positions. Through these two shops, players can purchase mounts and mount equipment. Players can also purchase rare mounts and rare mount equipment from the mount merchant.

In addition to enhancing attributes, mounts and equipment can also provide additional special effects to characters. Players can use them in battles to inflict different abnormal states on enemy units. The skills of mount equipment will also improve with the mount’s level, so players need to strive to improve their own strength.

[Knight Officer Position Introduction]

The knight officer position is one of the unique systems in “World of Warcraft” mobile game. Players need to improve their control ability by leveling up their ranks. When the player’s rank reaches “Male Earl” or higher, they can unlock mounts.

In the game, players can obtain mount points by challenging various dungeons to upgrade their current ranks and obtain higher ranks. The higher the rank, the more mount points can be obtained, and it can be upgraded up to level 50.

The opening condition for the knight officer position is that the player reaches level 10 and the rank reaches Earl. Only then can this function be unlocked. When the player reaches level 10, they can unlock the knight officer position. After reaching level 10, players can change their helmets and clothes to Paladin armor to improve their own attributes.

[Equipment System]

The equipment system is one of the main ways to improve character’s combat power in “World of Warcraft” mobile game. Players can enhance equipment through forging, synthesis, and gem inlaying. The order of equipment quality from low to high is white, blue, green, purple, orange.

Players can obtain various equipment by challenging dungeons, and they can also obtain advanced equipment through synthesis, such as purple and gold equipment, or even epic purple and gold equipment.

The equipment system is a highlight of the game. Players can further enhance the attributes of their equipment by embedding gems, thereby improving their character’s combat power.

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