The Insect Army Attacks, How Will the Earth Defense Force Respond? (Decisive Moment, Revealing the Winning Strategy of the Earth Defense Force!)

The insect army is attacking, how will the Earth defense force respond? (Decisi

The insect army is attacking, how will the Earth defense force respond? (Decisive moment, revealing the winning strategy of the Earth defense force!) The insect army is attacking, how will the Earth defense force respond? The editor will share it with everyone!

Game Introduction:

Insect Army AttacksEarth Defense Force” is a strategy tower defense mobile game. In the game, players need to play as a guardian of the universe to protect the peace and order of the entire planet, and to protect the safety and civilization of humanity. In the game, players will have a small piece of land as their base, and build their own homes at the end of the sky. At the same time, players can also choose different buildings to build their own defense fortifications. Players can freely match their own tactical strategies and create the most suitable lineup for their own style.

Decisive moment, revealing the winning strategy of the Earth Defense Force!

In the world of “Earth Defense Force”, in order to ensure world safety and protect human survival, the Earth Defense Force has specially launched a special operation: to confront the threats to the world. This operation is the most watched operation worldwide. In a battle, players need to continuously defeat the enemy to win. During the game, players will face challenges from different camps. Players can choose “Free Match” or “Solo Team”. Before each battle, there will be 1-2 commanders to choose from. In the match, players will have real-time 5V5 showdowns with other participants.

After the game starts, players will be randomly assigned to two factions. One side is the base side and the other side is the base side. The factions of the base side are divided into four levels: green (green), red (blue), and orange (purple). Players need to make reasonable arrangements based on the battlefield situation in order to achieve the final victory. During the game, players can change formations at any time. At the same time, during the game, players can also click the “Change Deployed Heroes” button to change their characters.

In addition to the lineup, the game also has a personal information function. In “Tomorrow After”, players will be able to view their current camp and the character images in their team. In addition, each character has their own abilities, and the order of releasing each skill is also different. Players can click on the icon in the lower right corner to view information such as the number of players killed and the number of players killed.

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