Pursuing the Light of Dawn, Seeking the Most Beautiful Scenery in Nishuihan (Exploring the Radiant Sunset Land in the World of Nishuihan)

Pursuing the Light of Dawn, Seeking the Most Beautiful Scenery in Nishuihan (Exp

Pursuing the Light of Dawn, Seeking the Most Beautiful Scenery in Nishuihan (Exploring the Radiant Sunset Land in the World of Nishuihan). The gameplay of this game is relatively simple. In the Nishuihan mobile game, many players are playing a game called “Parkour”. So, how should we play this “Parkour” game? Let me explain it in detail below.

“Pursuing the Light of Dawn” is a 3D action-adventure game.

First, you need to choose a character. From the name, you can see that the game requires players to choose their own favorite image and meet certain personality traits to complete tasks. After selecting, we need to click on the camera function in the upper right corner. On the map, you will see a circular small house, click on it to enter.

This task is actually a running game. You just need to follow the instructions, find the location of the NPC, and click to enter. It is very convenient and basically requires no operation.

Exploring the Radiant Sunset Land in the World of Nishuihan

The Radiant Sunset Land, a place loved by many players in the game Nishuihan. However, in this map, we will see many strange things, all of which appear at night, such as the pillars under the sunset, the small roads by the river, and the buildings like trees. At night, these buildings will emit light and look very beautiful, but at night, these buildings will gradually darken. Additionally, some stars like the moon will appear in the night sky. In the game, players must go to specific locations to find these buildings, so everyone needs to be patient and wait.

In this map, we can see three different buildings: Shenji Camp, Guiguzi, and Yunmengchuan. In Shenji Camp, players can see the Tianshu Tower, which can be opened. As long as the player opens it on the Tianshu Tower, they can enter this scene. There are various elements around this building. Among these elements, there are 72 categories, one of which is the mechanism tower of Shenji. If players can find this mechanism tower, they can open it. The appearance of this mechanism tower is like a huge statue, very distinctive.

This mechanism tower contains a large number of treasure chests, but there are also some mysterious props inside. In the mechanism tower, there are three rooms, and there is a treasure chest in the middle of each room. When you get close to the mechanism tower, a dialogue will be triggered. Players can open this treasure chest according to the system’s prompts and receive rewards after opening it. The rewards are quite diverse, but the difficulty is also relatively high. In the powerful weapons, there is a task where players need to collect five-colored jade to activate the Bagua Formation. This formation has great power and can cause powerful attacks to enemies.

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