Sword Soul Online Job Recommendations for Stimulus Enthusiasts: Stealthy Twin Assassins

The Sword Soul Online offers a variety of roles for players, including melee DPS

The Sword Soul Online offers a variety of roles for players, including melee DPS, long-range spell damage, melee control, and long-range support. In this guide, I will introduce the choice of Siege Lion profession in Sword Soul Online.

The Siege Lion is a close-range profession with a wide attack range and high damage. In the early game, Siege Lion can quickly accumulate rage points through basic attacks and skills. When the rage is full, they can use the second phase of their basic attack to continuously deal high single-target damage and apply bleeding effects. In the later stages, the Siege Lion’s skills have extremely high burst damage and can also reduce the enemy’s movement speed, making it difficult for them to approach. This makes it an excellent choice for players who prefer high mobility.

For beginners, the Siege Lion is a ranged profession that is easy to pick up and suitable for new players who have just entered the game. It has a long charge distance and high attack damage, while also having a certain amount of melee capability. When facing melee opponents, as long as you seize the opportunity, you can use powerful combos to secure kills.

However, due to the Siege Lion’s basic attack being a circular area in front of them, it is best to avoid direct confrontation in battles. The goal is to strike as quickly as possible to finish the fight.

In Sword Soul Online, the Siege Lion is a ranged profession. Although their damage is not extremely high, their attack speed is fast. Therefore, if you can master the Siege Lion’s skills proficiently, the damage output of this character will not be underestimated.

Of course, the Siege Lion also has its own disadvantages, such as lack of flexibility and vulnerability to close-range attacks. In their skills, there is a “Throw” ability that throws the target towards themselves. This skill has a wide attack range and causes a explosion upon hitting the target, dealing significant damage.

Unique and Charming Sword Soul Online Job Recommendation: Stealthy Twin Assassins

The Assassin is a melee profession in Sword Soul Online, characterized by high speed and explosive power. As one of the few female characters in the game, the “Phantom Hunter” has astonishing destructive power and the identity of a stealthy assassin. They can deliver a fatal blow under the enemy’s nose and possess considerable attack power. On the battlefield, they have strong mobility and agility, allowing them to move freely among enemy forces and unleash powerful burst attacks.

[Phantom Assassin]

Role: Assault, Burst


1. Proficient in fast movement and evasion.

2. Able to quickly approach enemies and deal continuous damage, suitable for chasing down fleeing enemies.


1. Slow attack speed.

2. Low defense.

3. Low health points.

4. High attack damage.

5. Small attack range.


Role: Ranged, High Burst


1. Has a higher critical strike rate.

2. Skills have longer attack range.

3. Capable of dealing tons of damage through combos.


1. Small attack range.

2. Low defense.

3. Slow movement speed.

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