Ultimate Crack of Boss in Moon Palace! Top Techniques Revealed! (Unbeatable Cheat Codes for Conquering the Boss in Moon Palace!)

Ultimate Crack of Boss in Moon Palace! Top Techniques Revealed! (Unbeatable Che

Ultimate Crack of Boss in Moon Palace! Top Techniques Revealed! (Unbeatable Cheat Codes for Conquering the Boss in Moon Palace!) Many players in the game have been defeated by the boss in Moon Palace, and in fact, this boss is quite difficult to deal with. Let me bring it to you below!

The strategy for defeating the boss in Moon Palace is as follows: if we defeat the boss first, he will summon minions. Our goal is to kill all of them, so that we can easily kill this boss. Therefore, when playing, everyone needs to be careful not to be killed by these monsters.

The boss in Moon Palace has a total of five skills: Triple Combo, Square Formation, and Sword Qi Horizontal and Vertical. During the battle, it will summon four minions to attack the enemy at the same time.

Triple Combo: After the moon appears, it releases a Sword Qi Horizontal and Vertical on the target, causing damage to the surrounding enemies and inflicting immobilization effect (unable to move).

Square Formation: It rotates with a circumference as a radius before the moon appears, causing a certain percentage of damage to all hit enemies.

Sword Qi Horizontal and Vertical: The sword blade will explode and cause damage to the enemy’s current position and current position.

Summary by the editor:

Overall, this boss is relatively simple. We just need to pay attention during the battle in order to defeat it better. Once we grasp certain rules, we can defeat it well.

Unbeatable Cheat Codes for Conquering the Boss in Moon Palace!

“Conquer Moon Palace Boss” is the world’s first strategy mobile game themed around “battle.” It has rich game content and high playability. In battles, players can experience real-time strategy game fun and infinite joy, enjoying endless battle fun. At the same time, they can also conquer various enemies and experience different tactical gameplay together with others!

Today, let’s introduce the boss battle cheat in “Conquer Moon Palace” – The Power of Zhegui!

Event time: Open at 12:30 PM, 3:00 PM, 7:00 PM, and 9:15 PM every day. Each player can participate twice.

Event rules: During the event, all players can participate and receive rich rewards by killing the boss.

Event rewards:

1. By defeating the specified level boss in the event, there is a chance to drop “Zhegui Token”. Use “Zhegui Token” to exchange for various valuable items at the Old Man of the Moon, including precious equipment enhancement materials.

2. After the boss is killed, different amounts of “Zhegui Coins” will be obtained based on the ranking of damage dealt.

3. Players can spend a certain amount of “Zhegui Coins” to exchange for rare equipment enhancement materials and various types of treasure chests in the store.

4. At the end of the event, corresponding rewards will be given based on the value of “Zhegui Coins” contributed by the player, including advanced gem bags, artifact advancement stones, and other rich rewards.

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