Li Bai’s Skin Displays Sharp Power, Fan Haixin is Hard to Resist! (A Must-have in King of Glory, the Different Charms of Li Bai’s Skin and Fan Haixin!)

Li Bai\’s skin displays powerful agility, Fan Haixin is hard to resist! (A must-h

Li Bai’s skin displays powerful agility, Fan Haixin is hard to resist! (A must-have in King of Glory, the different charms of Li Bai’s skin and Fan Haixin!) Li Bai’s skin in King of Glory has always been very good-looking, especially his ultimate ability “Ultimate”, which many players love and can’t put down. However, with the updates of the game version, more and more heroes and skins have been weakened. Many friends say that Li Bai’s skin always makes people dizzy. So today, let me show you one of Li Bai’s five skins, hoping to help you ~

Fan Haixin:

In this skin, the most attractive aspect of him is his skill effects.

First skill: Release an area damage.

Second skill: Shoot three bullets in a specified direction, each causing physical damage and a chance of critical strike.

Third skill: Release sword aura within a certain range, causing physical damage and slowing down enemies. The sword aura will inflict additional damage and reduce enemy armor and magic resist for a period of time. The skill can store up to 3 times.

This skin of Li Bai is very cool. Although it is a warrior level, the skill effects are really awesome. Fan Haixin, as an assassin hero, you must pay attention to positioning when using this skin ~

A must-have in King of Glory, the different charms of Li Bai’s skin and Fan Haixin!

In King of Glory, Li Bai, as a popular hero in the game, is the first choice for many players. Li Bai’s appearance rate is also very high, and he can even take on three opponents in high-level games. So today, I want to share with you the different charms of Li Bai’s new skin and Fan Haixin. Let’s take a look together!

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1. Li Bai’s new skin:

Li Bai’s new skin is called “Phoenix Seeks Phoenix”, and the special effects of this skin are quite good. Some skill effects and stars have been added to the original appearance.

2. Fan Haixin’s new skin:

Li Bai’s new skin was originally called “Overlord Pill” (original name Jing Ke), which is a relatively classic skin.

3. Liu Bang and Yang Jian’s new skins:

There has been news about these two skins a long time ago. However, with the start of the S13 season, this version gradually faded out of view.

4. Lao Fu Zi’s new skin and Sun Ce’s new skin:

The special effects of these two skins are very cool, and the price is 888 vouchers. So if you have the conditions, it is recommended to get these two skins!

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