List of contestants who made it to the finals of Sisters Who Make Waves 2 sparks hot discussions; little-known contestants become dark horses.

The list of contestants who made it to the finals of Sisters Who Make Waves 2 is

The list of contestants who made it to the finals of Sisters Who Make Waves 2 is sparking hot discussions; little-known contestants are emerging as dark horses. After the broadcast on Mango TV, some netizens expressed their satisfaction with the competition, saying that they are all very happy after watching it.

However, this time, in the live stream, there were a total of 5 contestants, namely Wu Lei, Huang Minghao, Li Xian, Liu Lian, Zhao Lusi, and Chen Meng. Their teammates are also contestants from different competition areas.

Soon, these contestants were jokingly called “good people” by their fans.

Finally, the official also provided compensation, which is 100 yuan.

In this audition, the top 4 contestants before the final competition each received a champion exclusive profile frame, 2000 vouchers, 1000 diamonds, and 200 intimate roses. The 5th and 6th place contestants received a runner-up exclusive profile frame, 500 vouchers, and 300 intimate roses. The 7th to 10th place contestants received a first place exclusive profile frame, 1500 diamonds, and 250 intimate roses. Finally, the winner of the second round of the final competition will receive a runner-up exclusive profile frame, 500 diamonds, and 500 intimate roses. The winner of the final top 4 elimination competition will receive a fourth place exclusive profile frame, 300 diamonds, and 500 intimate roses. The winner will be determined by the last point and will become one of the best combinations in “Fantasy Mountains and Rivers”. This is also one of their common labels.

Although many people have watched it, there are still many people who haven’t watched the live stream. In the live stream, many hosts are not interested in playing games or are relatively self-conscious, such as Zhang Tianai and A Shen, so these hosts have been criticized a lot.

List of Contestants who Made it to the Finals of Sisters Who Make Waves 2 is Revealed, Surprising Unsatisfied Netizens!

The list of contestants who made it to the finals of Sisters Who Make Waves 2 is revealed, surprising unsatisfied netizens! “Sisters Who Make Waves” is a reality show produced by KPL officials, participated by LTG, QGhappy, and other teams.

This post-season competition is also the most anticipated part of this season’s pre-season finals after the end of the third week of competition. Because they have already performed perfectly in the same game, the final result also made the audience extremely satisfied.

From the image, it can be seen that in this competition, four teams are competing for the “Audition Champion” and “Semi-finals Runner-up”, and there are also two teams that have advanced to the elimination round. These four teams have very strong abilities, including AG Super Play Club, YTG, EDG.M, and eStarPro. Among these four teams, except for Group A, the strengths of Group B and Group C are not much different. They are BA Heifengli (Mainland China competition area), RNG.M, DFM, and WBG, respectively.

Although the final spots in the group have been determined, currently, those who haven’t announced their favorite teams are still not satisfied. After all, many players complained that the Sisters Who Make Waves team was very ugly, so they choose to rebel, but in the end, they were still forced to accept the invitation to enter the next round.

After these few days of voting, I believe that many netizens have also noticed some details:

In the first game, we can see that the opponent’s lineup includes: Ma Yun, Liu Bei, Huang Feihong, and Cai Wenji.

In the second game, the opponent’s lineup includes: Zhao Huaizhen, Sun Ce, Li Bai, and Wang Zhaojun.

In the third game, our lineup includes: Lv Lingqi, Xiao Qiao, Chen Weiting, and Zhang Guorong.

In the fourth game, our lineup includes: Wu Kequn, Su Lie, and Zhong Kui.

In the fifth game, the opponent’s lineup includes: Agarwood, Diao Chan, and Guo Xiang.

Actually, in my opinion, the list of contestants who made it to the finals of Sisters Who Make Waves 2 is quite reliable. Not only that, but they also fully utilized their abilities to prove themselves and give excellent performances in the game, which satisfies the fans.

However, everyone should still remember the final results of this post-season competition, which made everyone very excited.

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