Full firepower! How to Perfectly Destroy Enemy Houses in Crossfire? (Practical Guide: Revealing the Unique House Bombing Techniques in Crossfire!)

Full firepower! How to perfectly destroy enemy houses in Crossfire? (Practical G

Full firepower! How to perfectly destroy enemy houses in Crossfire? (Practical Guide: Revealing the unique house bombing techniques in Crossfire!) In “Full Firepower! Crossfire”, it is essential for players to destroy enemy houses in order to achieve victory. Players can use grenades to destroy enemy buildings, or they can use rockets to directly destroy them. Let’s take a look at the strategies brought to you by the editor!

Perfect house bombing

In the “Biochemical Mode”, players can throw all their weapons into a room, but in order to kill all the biochemical ghosts, they must first destroy a house.

Players can use grenades to shatter various objects in the enemy’s home, such as windows, curtains, and doors.

Of course, if players accidentally demolish the enemy’s house, they can still successfully destroy it. Players can use these objects to help their teammates destroy enemy houses in the game.

These are the editor’s insights on how to perfectly destroy enemy houses in Crossfire. The content of the article is almost complete! The editor is very passionate about this game and hopes that you will gain a lot of experience and a better understanding of it after reading it, and invite more friends to join this game.

Practical Guide: Revealing the Unique House Bombing Techniques in Crossfire!

The blasting mode is one of the most distinctive gameplay modes in “Crossfire”. Here, we will see various “tips and tricks”, such as using grenades and other props to blast open doors at the explosion point. Of course, there are also some techniques that can help you easily win. Today, the editor will share with you a strategy for bombing houses in Crossfire mobile game, and teach CFers how to play CFM blast mode.

【Sniper Battle】

First of all, in the early stages of the game, players need to master the aim and aim at the enemy sniper position. Sniper weapons have great power and fast firing rate, suitable for long-range combat; sniper recoil is large, not suitable for close combat, but for novices, it can effectively avoid being taken away or suppressed directly by opponents. Sniper’s marksmanship depends not only on your predictive ability and reaction speed but also on the range and accuracy of sniper attacks. Therefore, when entering the blasting mode, players must have the ability to make judgments.

Secondly, in the 30 seconds before the blasting mode starts, players can throw in advance to teammates or enemies. After throwing, teammates will receive damage. The throwing position of the props is generally easy to find in the blasting map. After throwing a prop, players can choose to move towards the enemy, so that the enemy’s firepower can cover more cover behind, which can provide sufficient time for their teammates to observe the enemy’s situation. In addition, when throwing props, it is best to choose the location where the enemy is evading or preparing to attack to throw.

Finally, in the blasting mode, players can throw grenades out, and when the grenades explode, they can blast everything in the area into the air. However, since throwing grenades takes some time, players need to grasp the rhythm of throwing in order to throw grenades at the right time. If the enemy is hiding in a corner while throwing grenades, you can use smoke bombs to hide yourself and attack other enemies. After the blasting mode is over, if the player does not find the enemy in the game, they can choose to defend. If the enemy is not in the blasting mode, the player can directly leave from the respawn point.

In “Crossfire: Crossfire”, players can cooperate with friends to complete missions in the late game and attack together with their friends to achieve ultimate victory. Of course, in “Crossfire: Crossfire”, bombing houses is also a very important task. When the enemy passes through from a certain direction, players can easily kill them by quickly moving, but once the enemy enters the house, the player’s chance of survival will greatly decrease. However, players should pay attention to the presence of enemies around while bombing the room.

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