When Will Naruto: Ultimate Legacy Bring New Updates to Players? (Unveiling the Release Date for the Latest Version of the Naruto Game)

When will Naruto: Ultimate Legacy bring new updates to players? Many people are

When will Naruto: Ultimate Legacy bring new updates to players? Many people are curious about the new version of the game. Today, the editor will bring you the release date for the latest version of the Naruto mobile game.

When will Naruto: Ultimate Legacy bring new updates to players?

The answer is November 21st. At that time, the Naruto mobile game will usher in a brand new version update. This new version will introduce new gameplay and ninjas, as well as new storylines and maps.

In addition, this version also brings new scenes, new gameplay, new characters, new activities, new systems, and more.

Unveiling the Release Date for the Latest Version of the Naruto Game

The Naruto mobile game recently released the latest version. Many new players are not very familiar with the update time of the game, so the editor will introduce the time of the latest version update.

Today, we bring you the latest version content:

1. Added new gameplay “Scroll Techniques” and “Scroll Skills”. New scrolls and spirit beasts will be added to Scroll Techniques.

2. Increased new scenes, missions, and dungeons to obtain more ninja fragments and a richer combat experience.

3. Added more plot levels and introduced new BOSS challenge gameplay and new dungeons, allowing players to easily pass each chapter.

4. Adjusted the ninjutsu system, added the release of some special ninjutsu, and introduced the new spirit beast “Gama”.

5. After the addition of “Water Release: Great Shark Bullet Technique” to the Ninja World War, players can transform this skill into long-range melee attacks.

6. Optimized the secret scroll function in the scroll system and added synthesis formulas for secret scrolls.

7. Added a new chat channel function: players can speak in the world chat bar.

8. Added duel field mode and team mode, and also opened the ranking tournament. The higher the player’s rank, the higher their ranking in the duel field.

9. Added a friend system and interactions between friends, friends can give each other energy.

10. Added a new social function called “Organization”.

11. Added organization chat function.

12. Fixed the problem of mismatched combat power for some ninjas in the duel field.

13. Added new quests and dungeons, players can receive more rewards, including gold coins and other items.

14. Optimized the interface of ninjutsu, added the “Scroll” button for ninjutsu.

15. Optimized the equipment enhancement interface, making it easier to find the attribute bonuses needed.

16. Added a new achievement system, with new tasks added to the achievement system. Completing specific tasks will allow players to obtain rich rewards.

17. Added a new activity called “Adventure/Training Road”.

18. Added a prestige system, which can be used to exchange various rewards.

19. Added a new title: Hidden Avatar Frame.

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