Flame Journey: Xuan Chen Ignites the Fire Sword (Blade Shines, Xuan Chen Dances with the Flames)

Flame Journey: Xuan Chen Ignites the Fire Sword (Blade Shines, Xuan Chen Dances

Flame Journey: Xuan Chen Ignites the Fire Sword (Blade Shines, Xuan Chen Dances with the Flames). Many players may not be familiar with this, so let me introduce Flame Journey: Xuan Chen Ignites the Fire Sword (Blade Shines, Xuan Chen Dances with the Flames) to you. If you are interested, continue reading to find out more.

[“Flame Journey: Xuan Chen Ignites the Fire Sword”] is a game that tells the story of the battle between the devil race and the evil gods. Players will play as a member of a newly formed thief gang, using various means to fight against the forces of evil and save the world.

The weapons, equipment, and skills in the game are all very powerful. Players can improve their attributes and combat abilities through equipment and skills.

In addition to weapons, there are also some items that provide special abilities, making the battles more advantageous!

In Flame Journey, there are many different characters to choose from, each with its own characteristics.

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Blade Shines, Xuan Chen Dances with the Flames

The large-scale 3D action adventure RPG mobile game “Blade Shines: Flame Journey” developed by Beijing Tianma Timespace and Shanghai Yiyou is about to enter the public beta test! As a highly popular game with high attractiveness, I believe everyone has been looking forward to this “Xuan Chen Dance” series for a long time. In “Blade Shines,” there are many different and unique professions. What are the characteristics of these professions? Let’s find out today.

【Gods and Demons Chronicles – Wind】

“Blade Shines: Flame Journey” is a masterpiece created by Thunder Interactive, a top domestic engine manufacturer. “Blade Shines – Extreme Cold Land” (tentatively named) is Netease’s first 3D side-scrolling fighting mobile game masterpiece, with the core gameplay continuing and expanding the side-scrolling combat mode. “Blade Shines: Flame Journey” has super satisfying combat experience and cool and gorgeous skill effects. Players can freely choose their favorite heroes and match their moves. There are also various and strange new skills added, allowing you to experience the strongest and most enjoyable combat pleasure at your fingertips and enjoy limitless strategic and operational fun.

【Dark and Magical World – Ice】

In this dark and magical world, with the story of the Greek myth “Evil Power” as the background, humans live in the depths of the underground abyss, while elves, orcs, and other creatures exist in the shadows. What kind of secrets are hidden behind all this? “Blade Shines: Flame Journey” will fully reveal this mysterious story after the new version goes online.

【Immortal Legend – Light】

“Blade Shines: Flame Journey” is a genuine martial arts-style ARPG mobile game masterpiece. It perfectly integrates the classic elements of traditional MMORPG into character development, and also combines unlocked combo systems, skill linking, equipment with additional attributes, and many other core gameplay mechanics, allowing every player to enjoy an unprecedented high-quality visual experience. In “Blade Shines: Flame Journey,” the growth and training of all characters can be improved by consuming props to level up and obtain corresponding attribute bonuses. As players’ character levels increase and their strength further strengthens, players will also acquire more powerful equipment, mounts, and costumes.

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