Cool Flying, Roaming the Sky! Unveiling the Advanced Techniques of the Flying Mode in Tiantiankurao (Tiantiankurao’s New Gameplay! Can You Become the Aerial Dominator? Revealing the Techniques!)

Cool flying, roaming the sky! Unveiling the advanced techniques of the flying mo

Cool flying, roaming the sky! Unveiling the advanced techniques of the flying mode in Tiantiankurao (Tiantiankurao’s new gameplay! Flying mode, can you become the aerial dominator? Revealing the techniques!) Tiantiankurao recently updated its latest version, and besides new characters, there is also a new gameplay: the flying mode! So how should we play the flying mode? Let me introduce it to you.

[Flying Mode Strategy]

In the flying mode of “Tiantiankurao,” we can see something very special! The background of this new mode is the flying aircraft.

The gameplay is similar to flying, but there’s nothing special about it!

The “coolness value” system is a major feature of the dynamic version of “Tiantiankurao.” It also adds some “loudspeakers” next to it! Tap the screen, and a “loudspeaker” will pop up. After clicking it, a circular small circle will appear on the screen.

The mini-map shows the world that the flying aircraft has passed through. You can see the location of the flying aircraft on the mini-map. When you reach your destination, a “small flag” will appear on the screen.

If you want to fly in the sky, you must use the “vortex” feature! Vortex is the “upward air current.” When the player reaches a certain height, a small fish will appear on the ground, and the player can click on the fish to obtain an upward air current.


When flying in the air, the first thing we need to do is to hold the screen. Then, press and hold the direction key for flying continuously. When you are in the air, you can control the direction.

In the “upward air current” of the flying mode, we will keep sprinting forward. However, during the sprint, we will encounter some obstacles. If we are blocked by the obstacles, we can also collide with them.

While flying, the left side of our screen will turn into an upward button. When the player approaches the bottom of the screen, there will be corresponding operation prompts.

We can switch between the “upward air current” and the “downward air current.” Of course, the way of switching is different.

In the process of flying, we will encounter many obstacles, such as missiles, wood, and so on! These obstacles can be directly knocked down.

[Flying Mode Strategy]

In the process of flying, we need to control the character in the air. On the screen in the air, we can adjust the camera freely. We can move the phone screen left, right, up, and down to adjust the direction.

In terms of operation, we can also choose to operate with both hands. When operating with both hands, the character moves on the left side, and the right hand shoots on the right side. We can also adjust the camera freely and adjust the direction through moving up, down, and jumping.

Tiantiankurao’s New Gameplay! Flying Mode, Can You Become the Aerial Dominator? Revealing the Techniques!

Tiantiankurao has updated a new version. In the new mode, players can experience the thrill of being an aerial dominator. However, the difficulty of operating as an aerial dominator is the greatest. Players need to master the techniques to smoothly play this gameplay! The author will introduce some details in hopes to help everyone quickly master the flying mode.

First, let’s take a look at the operating method of the newly added flying mode:

In the lower-left corner of the game screen, there is a “jump” button. Press and hold it to perform a double jump;

In the upper-right corner, there is a “dash” button. Press and hold it to quickly glide a certain distance.

When in the air, clicking the slide button can control the character’s left and right movement, and can also release skills. In the air, clicking the “acceleration” button on the right side of the screen can gain a longer speed, so you don’t have to worry about being attacked by monsters in the air. Of course, you can also click the “pause” icon on the right to see the remaining time of the character.

In addition, we can also perform a triple jump by double-tapping the “jump” button or the slide button. When in the air, clicking the slide button can quickly fall.

Furthermore, when there is an energy bar next to the character’s health bar, you can quickly replenish the energy by clicking the small triangle at the bottom of the screen. When the energy is full, you can activate the super long flight state by clicking the two-finger trigger on the screen.

This is the end of the latest strategy for Tiantiankurao. For more fun game information, please follow our QQ mobile game, WeChat mobile game section, and Baidu Tieba and other platforms. We look forward to exchanging game experiences with you!

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