Burning the Clouds, Electric Flame Hand takes you to experience the fiery battle of DOTA2! (Revealing the secrets of the skillful Electric Flame Hand and its recommended build!)

Burning the Clouds, Electric Flame Hand takes you to experience the fiery battl

Burning the Clouds, Electric Flame Hand takes you to experience the fiery battle of DOTA2! (Revealing the secrets of the skillful Electric Flame Hand and its recommended build!) Burning the Clouds, Electric Flame Hand takes you to experience the fiery battle of DOTA2! Today, I will give you a detailed introduction!

In “Burning the Clouds,” the mage hero has high burst damage and unique skills. As a traditional ARPG game, “Burning the Clouds” combines Dota with League of Legends, combining strategy and gameplay. In this mobile game with the top domestic second-dimensional art style, Electric Flame Hand is one of them.

“Burning the Clouds” Electric Flame Hand

[Character Introduction]

Lord of Thunder, born in the abyss, is a guardian of the underworld, a natural alien. He was born with demon blood and is considered a “god” existence. His body contains immense power but refuses to accept any invasion from any race or evil force.

[Skill Description]

1. Flame Burning: Deals damage and burn effects to enemies in target area.

2. Lava Impact: Deals damage to enemies in the area and reduces their movement speed for 4 seconds.

3. Frenzy Stance: Increases self-attack power and health.

[Recommended Build and Analysis]

Starting build: Ice Armor + Robes.

Core items: Ice Shroud + Secret Treasure/Sacred Shield.

Late-game build: Grand Magic Pearl + Witch Paws’ Tear + Cursed Cloak.

Starting build: Ice Armor, the core item is Grand Magic Pearl, which allows Electric Flame Hand to have strong output capabilities.

Mid-game build: Witch Paws’ Tear, Secret Treasure + Annihilation Sword + Cursed Cloak.

Core item: Grand Magic Pearl, which increases Electric Flame Hand’s spell damage and allows her to deal significant damage while inflicting negative status effects on enemy heroes.

Late-game build: Grand Magic Pearl + Cursed Cloak + Witch Paws’ Tear/Soul Devouring Ring + Secret Treasure/Essence Rune.

The choice of starting and core items is essentially the same, with Ice Armor + Secret Treasure + Spirit Device. The core Ice Armor can increase defense, and the Secret Treasure allows Electric Flame Hand to have stronger survival capabilities.


Electric Flame Hand performs smoothly in the early game, with good damage from both skills and basic attacks. In the late game, as long as skill releases are ensured, high output can be achieved.

Revealing the Secrets of the Skillful Electric Flame Hand and its Recommended Build!

As the most distinctive hero in “Skillful Shine,” Electric Flame Hand possesses powerful ranged attack ability and terrifying burst damage. In the game, Electric Flame Hand is a warrior/assassin and can unleash powerful output in team fights. So how should Electric Flame Hand allocate skill points and choose equipment in battles? Let me introduce it to you!

Electric Flame Hand’s position is a warrior/assassin and can play as a DPS or tank in the team, making an extraordinary contribution to team fights!

Recommended skill allocation for Electric Flame Hand:

Maximize skill 1: Electric Surge; Maximize skill 2: Frenzied Impact.

Starting build: [Long Spear] + [Blood Sea Demon Sword]: Increase self-damage and critical strike rate.

Mid-game build: [Crimson Cloak] + [Heavenly Fire Armor] (or [Frost Ring]): Increase magic defense and health, and reduce cooldown time (or increase self-magic defense).

Late-game build: [Wind and Thunder Talisman] + [Roaring Dragon Fury Slash] (or [Phoenix Dance in Nine Heavens]): Increase mage attack, health, and movement speed, and apply burn effect, reducing enemy magic attack and movement speed.

Equipment selection for Electric Flame Hand

The equipment for Electric Flame Hand mainly focuses on increasing magic damage and penetration, so it is recommended to use high magic power equipment.

[Frost of the Heavenly Snow] + [Flaming Cape]

Both the active and passive skills of this equipment increase magic damage. Therefore, for mage heroes, magic resistance equipment is essential. The active skill of Frost of the Heavenly Snow can freeze enemies, and the passive skill can reduce the cooldown time of enemy heroes’ skills, allowing them to release skills more frequently and deal higher damage.

[Sky Shield] + [Sun and Moon Qiankun Necklace]

This set of equipment greatly enhances Electric Flame Hand’s survival ability, as the shield in the presence of tank heroes will absorb most of the damage.

[Son of the Stars] + [Purple Blue Twin Blades]

These two pieces of equipment not only enhance Electric Flame Hand’s output capabilities but also provide her with a shield, giving her strong counterattack ability when facing enemies.

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